Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Is the madness slowing?

I have to wonder if Congress isn't getting the message that the American people are tired of the insane level of government spending that has occurred in the last year. The fact that Congress has an approval rating of 30% should be an indicator to them that they need to wake up and smell the reality. I'm not sure if that number is low enough yet because the last Congress was cruising along with a 19% rating for over a year. This resulted in the Republicans being tossed out on their collective butts. The dissatisfaction of the Democrat rank and file is growing and the new guys need to take a lesson from the past on what happens when you screw with the status quo too much early in an election cycle.

In 1992, Clinton and his Democrat Congress over reached and handed the Republicans the Congress for the first time in decades. Do you remember Hillary Care? This Congress has reached out much further and has done far more damage to the American way of life than any other before it. Barring a miracle their chances of retaining the Congress are somewhere between slim and none. Their only hope is a massive turn around in the economy, which will not happen until they stop messing with tax rates and entitlement programs. No employer is going to want to expand in an ever changing environment. They are most likely to hunker down deeper and save their pennies. They will forgo grow opportunities because the future is too murky and taxes too high. Better to stay a smaller fish and keep more of what you earn.

President Obama reminds a lot of us older people of Carter, but even Carter didn't try to change the way Americans live and work as much as Obama. There has been a whole parade of pain coming out of Washington and until recently there had been no end in sight. I am thankful that the bozo's are taking August off and having to return home. They need to get and earful every where they go from people feed up with the fed. They do not deserve a moments peace while they are home because they haven't given us one the whole time they have been in Washington. There will be no real change in this country until enough voters are sick and tired of the crap Washington is shoveling our way and expecting our kids and grand kids to pay for it.

I hope you enjoy your August, but remember to take time out and give that dirty rat bastard that is supposed to be representing you an earful. Enjoy the sunshine today because Congress will probably tax it next year.

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