Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The Future

I wish I could see into the future to see if the grand experiment that is America truly survives this latest attack. I would have been sure that it would twenty years ago, but now I am not so sure because so many people look to the feds for the answers to our problems. The federal government has no answers! They will take your money and throw it around with lots of big words, but in the end it is just a bunch of know nothings wasting our money on things that only make matters worse. It used to be that if you wanted things done right you had to do them yourself and that included finances and health care.

Washington is willing to spend trillions of your tax dollars on solutions that are not real solutions. The best way to fix this economy is to drastically reduce the federal government and let people keep more of their money to spend it as they see fit. If we retired the national debt then our dollars would be worth a hell of a lot more than they currently are and we would enjoy renewed buying power, which would re-fire the economy. If the economy is up and running then people would be working and have health coverage through their employers. This is not mystery, but Washington wants you to believe that by putting everything under government control they will be able to provide all your necessities. This is an all out lie and California is the prime example of this lie.

We need people to be working and a strong dollar and life will get better. The things that interfere with this are the things that need to go. We all know that we are a consumer economy and we buy products at a rate that the rest of the world can only dream of. We need to restore our buying power by letting us keep more of our money and have the government stop spending what it doesn't have on programs that won't lead us the prosperity that they keep shoveling. You don't spend your way out of debt and you don't wish your way to prosperity, you tighten your belt, work harder, and make sacrifice.

People say what are you going to cut to reduce government spending. I say freeze all spending, freeze changes to the tax code, no inflation program growth and cut all earmarks regardless of worthiness. This is draconian, but it is the only way we will get a handle on our budget and be able to formulate a good plan on how to reduce our national debt. We can't keep throwing our grand kids futures around and think that crushing national debt is going to solve our problems.

So with all that said, we need to stand up and get our own houses in order, contact our local representatives and lay down the law for our States, and finally have the States put Washington back in its box. This isn't going to be easy and no elected official wants the voter to know the real truth because that means admitting their stupidity lead to this train wreck, but pretty soon even the half-wits in Washington are not going to be able to deny the harsh reality of a collapsed economy and hyperinflation.

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