Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Is the madness slowing?

I have to wonder if Congress isn't getting the message that the American people are tired of the insane level of government spending that has occurred in the last year. The fact that Congress has an approval rating of 30% should be an indicator to them that they need to wake up and smell the reality. I'm not sure if that number is low enough yet because the last Congress was cruising along with a 19% rating for over a year. This resulted in the Republicans being tossed out on their collective butts. The dissatisfaction of the Democrat rank and file is growing and the new guys need to take a lesson from the past on what happens when you screw with the status quo too much early in an election cycle.

In 1992, Clinton and his Democrat Congress over reached and handed the Republicans the Congress for the first time in decades. Do you remember Hillary Care? This Congress has reached out much further and has done far more damage to the American way of life than any other before it. Barring a miracle their chances of retaining the Congress are somewhere between slim and none. Their only hope is a massive turn around in the economy, which will not happen until they stop messing with tax rates and entitlement programs. No employer is going to want to expand in an ever changing environment. They are most likely to hunker down deeper and save their pennies. They will forgo grow opportunities because the future is too murky and taxes too high. Better to stay a smaller fish and keep more of what you earn.

President Obama reminds a lot of us older people of Carter, but even Carter didn't try to change the way Americans live and work as much as Obama. There has been a whole parade of pain coming out of Washington and until recently there had been no end in sight. I am thankful that the bozo's are taking August off and having to return home. They need to get and earful every where they go from people feed up with the fed. They do not deserve a moments peace while they are home because they haven't given us one the whole time they have been in Washington. There will be no real change in this country until enough voters are sick and tired of the crap Washington is shoveling our way and expecting our kids and grand kids to pay for it.

I hope you enjoy your August, but remember to take time out and give that dirty rat bastard that is supposed to be representing you an earful. Enjoy the sunshine today because Congress will probably tax it next year.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

State of Affairs

I know I haven't been too active on the site lately and I know that my posts have been relatively short, but I just haven't had the time to really get wound up and vent all my frustrations. I also think that there is a certain amount of shell shock from all the crap that is happening in Washington and on the political scene in general. I am amazed at how rapidly this country is headed into the crapper, but not because I didn't see it happening but more so because it was so accurately predicted last year during the campaign. I am scared that I was so right about the train wreck of an economy that we now have and how it would have mattered little who won the election because the career politicians in Washington stopped using common sense many years ago.

The only difference between McCain and Obama is the speed at which the train wreck would occur. I said it then and I am even more amazed at the blazing speed, which the great one is destroying the strongest economy in the world. McCain would have only been slower at dismantling the economy in the name of bipartisanship, but it still would be happening. The fact that the administration is blaming Bush for the poor economy that has happened since the great one took office is laughable, but sadly the media is allowing them to spew this ridiculous BS. The fact that driving this country further into debt isn't fixing the economy is a mystery to them and they can't figure out why it isn't working. They want to spend even more money they don't have to provide more stimulus would be funny if it wasn't absolutely terrifying.

When are they going to learn that you don't fix the economy by spending and taxing. You fix it by cutting and stabilizing government spending and interference. The economy might have recovered if they would have minimize the new ideas and spending. It might have restarted if the rules weren't constantly changing. Spending by consumers might have rebounded if they weren't scared about the next round of new taxes or regulation was going to cause them to lose their jobs or wipe out their retirement. America can recover, but it won't come at the hands of the government. It will come from people no longer fearing for their lives from the government taxing, spending and regulation.

Set the rules, enforce the rules and let the dust settle. Americans will come out of their foxholes and adjust to the new situation. They will spend again and the economy will start chugging again and just like an old time locomotive it will be slow at first, but it will pick up speed. We just have to put the locomotive back on the track and stop messing with the tracks. I love this country and I know that we all have a share in the blame for the situation that it is in, but we must force the government to slow down and quit screwing with every part of this economy all at once. We must bring sanity back to Washington and if that means voting everyone out of office and starting anew so be it. My advice for now is hunker down and put your own house in order and weather the storm the best you can and at every opportunity do what is right for your family and country. We all know tough times mean sacrifice and doing without, so lets get this message to the Federal Government anyway we can.

God Bless American and may she remain the home of the Free.

Monday, July 6, 2009

What is next for Gov. Palin?

I have posted several times about how much I liked Gov. Palin and thought that she had what it took, but I also said that she is a polarizing figure. I still think I am right on both accounts, but I am having a serious change of heart and think she would be the perfect person to lead a new third party. She is hated by the same people that are messing up this country, Washington elitist insiders, MSM and the liberal left. She must have something going for her if she strikes so much fear and hatred into such an august group. We as a nation need an injection of fresh ideas and a crusader against Washington corruption, Gov. Palin fits the bill to a tee. Who else has been thrown under the bus so repeatedly by both parties and the MSM? Who else has spent her time fighting good old boy politics? Who else stood up to big business corruption? Who else is willing to take on Washington and bring back personal responsibility? Who else can draw huge crowds of conservative supporters? Who else is in perfect position to lead the disenfranchised and betrayed of both parties? I tell you no one other than Gov. Palin. The 9/12 movement has been calling for a leader and now one has been handed to you on a silver platter. I know many will repeat the garbage that has been spewed in the MSM, but you can't fault the woman for sticking to her guns and family. The first woman President of the United States will be Sarah Palin and she will be leading the new conservative party into Washington to clean house.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The Future

I wish I could see into the future to see if the grand experiment that is America truly survives this latest attack. I would have been sure that it would twenty years ago, but now I am not so sure because so many people look to the feds for the answers to our problems. The federal government has no answers! They will take your money and throw it around with lots of big words, but in the end it is just a bunch of know nothings wasting our money on things that only make matters worse. It used to be that if you wanted things done right you had to do them yourself and that included finances and health care.

Washington is willing to spend trillions of your tax dollars on solutions that are not real solutions. The best way to fix this economy is to drastically reduce the federal government and let people keep more of their money to spend it as they see fit. If we retired the national debt then our dollars would be worth a hell of a lot more than they currently are and we would enjoy renewed buying power, which would re-fire the economy. If the economy is up and running then people would be working and have health coverage through their employers. This is not mystery, but Washington wants you to believe that by putting everything under government control they will be able to provide all your necessities. This is an all out lie and California is the prime example of this lie.

We need people to be working and a strong dollar and life will get better. The things that interfere with this are the things that need to go. We all know that we are a consumer economy and we buy products at a rate that the rest of the world can only dream of. We need to restore our buying power by letting us keep more of our money and have the government stop spending what it doesn't have on programs that won't lead us the prosperity that they keep shoveling. You don't spend your way out of debt and you don't wish your way to prosperity, you tighten your belt, work harder, and make sacrifice.

People say what are you going to cut to reduce government spending. I say freeze all spending, freeze changes to the tax code, no inflation program growth and cut all earmarks regardless of worthiness. This is draconian, but it is the only way we will get a handle on our budget and be able to formulate a good plan on how to reduce our national debt. We can't keep throwing our grand kids futures around and think that crushing national debt is going to solve our problems.

So with all that said, we need to stand up and get our own houses in order, contact our local representatives and lay down the law for our States, and finally have the States put Washington back in its box. This isn't going to be easy and no elected official wants the voter to know the real truth because that means admitting their stupidity lead to this train wreck, but pretty soon even the half-wits in Washington are not going to be able to deny the harsh reality of a collapsed economy and hyperinflation.