Friday, June 12, 2009

The Next Step

Now that Operation Swing Vote is heading into the home stretch, we need to plan the next move. I am thinking that we need to start chatting up our local representatives, so they can take a message for us to the statehouses that we are PO'd and something needs to be done about Washington. This is something that the states are the only ones that can really do something about by applying pressure to put Washington back in its Constitutional box. If a local rep hears it enough times from enough people in his district then they might get the picture. If they are unwilling to help then they can be replaced with someone who is. Trying to get the criminals to police themselves is never going to work. Plus, we can't sit around until 2010 because there will be nothing left of this country by then.

Here are some key things to say to your local rep while you have his ear:

1. What are you doing to ensure our state's Constitutional rights are being respected? If your state has a bill asserting those rights then ask about their position on that bill. If they are not supporting it, let them have it. Some states have already introduced legislation to say enough is enough on 2nd Amendment issues, but this needs to go further and more states need to stand up to Washington. The states are in the right on this and have all the power, if they will only exercise it.

2. Ask them if the support a Constitutional Convention to amend the Constitution to: repeal the 16th and 17th amendments, to introduce a balanced budget amendment and force Congress to abide by the laws of the land. If they don't then let them get another earful. A Convention is the only way to bring Washington to heel as they know that there are a lot of conservative states that get the same single vote as the few big progressives states like NY and CA. A Convention would not go well for the big government nanny state supporters because for NY and CA, we have ID, MT, and TX. Just the mere mention of this will cause the walls of Washington to shake.

3. Ask them how much your state takes in federal money and why are they allowing themselves to be bought off? There are very strict guidelines in the Constitution about taxation and money that the states are allowed to receive from the federal government. This is a game the states play with the feds. The fed over taxes us and then uses the extra to bribe the states to do what they want them too. They are using our own tax dollars to put us into bondage to the federal government. This has to stop. This will be a sore spot with your representative because if they are worth their salt they will immediately push back about all the good those federal dollars have done in your district. This is insane because if the feds hadn't over collected taxes to begin with then the locals could have been able to put those projects to a vote and raised the money, but instead we are over taxed the fed takes a huge cut and then buys votes with the remainder of the money. We must make this end and keep the money closer to home. We don't need to be double and triple taxed for things that should be local issues like schools and roads.

4. You can also let them get and earful about national socialized medicine as well. This isn't a strong suit for me, but I know one thing and that anything the federal government touches turns to crap and you don't need to be a rocket scientist to figure out that this won't turn out well.

5. Tell them to say no to the feds on bailout money and stimulus money. This is money that this country doesn't have and at this rate never will even it they tax us 100%. We must stop spending what we don't have and that includes at the state level as well. If you live in CA, you know that you are next on the list for bailouts, so don't let them get away with it.

6. I would tell them to enforce the laws on the books and especially the immigration laws. I don't hate any people group and I am not advocating violence, but we have laws and they should be enforced. This would reduce the number of violators and restore the legal borders of this country. We can not allow the politicians the opportunity to buy votes with our safety and security.

7. You can general tell them how you feel and that if they are doing something good let them hear it as well. This person is your ticket to changing the future. If you don't know who it is then shame on you because you can't complain about Washington if you don't even know the people that represent you in your district.

I want to hear what you think or if I missed anything. So sound off!

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