Thursday, June 18, 2009

Exciting Stuff

I was really beginning to wonder about this country and what it was going to take to get this country to pull its collective heads out of its collective anal cavities. I think a letter read on Glenn Beck's Show from a nice lady that used to be a Democrat pretty much says it all and might just be the catalyst to turn this country around. You will have to wait to read it as the site was so swamped it had to shut down. The other item I am getting excited about is that Operation Swing Vote or ReDeclare Your Independence is going to culminate on July 4th with a March for Liberty in DC. I am a little unhappy that some other site took mine, Barbarian and FreeFlight's idea and repackaged it, but if it gets more people to sign up as Independents or unaffiliated or undeclared (state dependent) then all the better. I am twisting the wife's arm and we are headed to DC for the 4th of July and the rally there. She made me promise that I wouldn't get her arrested and I kindly reassured her that we are about peaceful law abiding protest.

With all this stuff coming to a head pretty rapidly, we must get ready for the inevitable what's next from a whole bunch of invigorated (PO'd) Americans. As you know I have already posted a pretty good plan on cornering you local representative either one on one or in a pack to chew their ears off about taking our message to the Statehouses. We need to get some serious noise going about a Constitutional Convention and quick because the Democrats in Congress are full steam ahead on putting this country in so much debt that our great grand kids could never pay off the interest never mind the principle. We must act know to bring Washington to heel and the only true way to make that happen is to get the States to assert their rights and put Washington back into its Constitutional box.

I am finally encouraged that America is waking up and will soon put a stop to the madness in Washington. If you get a chance come to DC, but if you can't then find a rally near you and Celebrate your Independence from the tyranny of Washington politics. Let's hear what you have going or what you will be up to on the 4th.

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