Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Amnesty, What A Hugely Bad Idea!

One has to wonder what the heck Washington is thinking when they even mention the idea of granting complete amesty to all illegals. This is such a bad idea on so many levels it is hard to know where to begin.

Why are we rewarding lawbreakers with the greatest prize in the world? American citizenship used to be the greatest prize in the world and people were willing to do just about anything to achieve it, that includes rowing 90 miles in a VW bug. So, instead of rewarding those that come in the front door as law abiding immigrants, we are going to reward those that have stolen or forged documents, violated numerous laws and in some cases committed other crimes in support of their illegal pursuits.

How can we grant amnesty with our borders still wide open? This makes zero sense and is basically an open invitation to anyone in the world that wants to be an American citizen. So, why even bother having immigration enforcement because they aren't really accomplishing anything if we grant everyone citizenship just for showing up.

If they do this, what is the cost to the system? We suddenly dump millions onto the rolls of Social Security, Medicaid, and every other social service you can think of, what is going to happen? California has done this already and they are bankrupt and now we want to do this to every other state and the federal government, does anyone else see why this is such a bad idea when we are already headed to a melt down on all these programs. We can not raise taxes enough to cover what we already owe, so there is absolutely no way we can cover 12 million more handouts.

I want to hear what you think, but more importantly let your representatives hear it. Call, email, write, or stand on their desks and say no way to Amnesty.

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