Friday, May 8, 2009

States Rights

It seems the only way to stop the express elevator to hell is to stop wasting time with Washington and focus on the states. The states have the power to put an end to the insanity by taking away Washington's keys. If we get support of about 40 states we can change the Constitution and return this country to reality. Will this be easy, no way because it is hard to bite the hand that feeds you billions of dollars. But, it can be done because the states are more affected by their citizens than Washington and the cool thing is that each state gets one vote regardless of population, so California and New York are equal to Montana and Idaho. This should be incredible encouraging to those of us that are sick and tired of being called dumb because we don't live in those two states and don't ascribe to over taxation.

Find out if you state has a bill moving to reassert their Constitutional rights and/or a call for a Constitutional Convention, if they have either or both then let your local rep know that you are in favor of it. If not then encourage that same rep to introduce one to the state legislator the next time is meets. Good luck and happy hunting.

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