Monday, May 18, 2009

Sick and Tired

You can say that I've been busy, but no busier than the rats in Washington. It seems that it is quite okay to divulge classified information for a laugh or straight out lie about what you were a party to or to just plain break promise after promise. This is the sad state of our country today. This is the leadership that we are suppose to follow and if you are still on active duty obey the orders of. I know that some would say that I am only anti-Democrat, but that isn't true in the least because the Republicans showed their true colors by throwing their full support behind Gov. Crist of Florida. This just goes to show that they like a money maker even if he rolls over and sells out the Republican base in his state.

I am working hard to change this country through the 912 Project, but I am not sure if even like minded people can agree that the sky is blue. The 912er's are all over the map and can't really decide whether they want to take over the Republican party or work on or with a third party. Then there are the issues that are also all over the map. You have the ultra conservatives and you have fiscal conservatives pushing and shoving to control the whole mess. I am sadden by the fact that the movement as of yet has not decided on a single core issue that they are going to fight to the death on or how they are going to do it.

I am encouraged that some people are organizing and that there is some hope that we will see some movement towards slowing the run away train in Washington, but until a clear and definite course of action is laid out the 912 Project is going to be a balloon rapidly losing air as it flies around the room. I would like to see a central core message emerge that everyone can support based on issue that affect us all (see my top ten). I think we need to leave Gay Marriage, Abortion and a few other insaner topics out and push forward with stopping the out of control Washington. Enforce laws, stop bailouts, balance the budget, reduce the national debt, control who is inside our borders, and put an end to the kingdoms in Washington. This is not too much to ask and it is something most if not all Americans could support.

So I ask you, why is it so damned hard to figure out and do? I mean we are all fairly reasonable people that just want a good life for ourselves and our families. We don't want to steal what we haven't earned. We just want a fair shake and to know that if we work hard that we have a chance of doing better than our parents. I don't think this is too crazy or radical, but it seems that most people go off in very different directions from there. I am at a loss as to how to make people realize that we need to stand together and put a stop to this ever expanding government.

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