Saturday, May 23, 2009

Sea to Shining Sea

Would you like to Join the Sea to Shining Sea Project? We are trying to get all 912ers (Americans) to register as Independents by July 4th moving West to East on this schedule:

June 22nd Day 1: Alaska, Hawaii, Washington, Oregon, California
June 23rd Day 2: Idaho, Nevada, Montana, Wyoming, Utah
June 24th Day 3: Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico, North Dakota, South Dakota
June 25th Day 4: Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Minnesota
June 26th Day 5: Iowa, Missouri, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi
June 29th Day 6: Tennessee, Illinois, Wisconsin, Michigan, Indiana
June 30th Day 7: Alabama, Ohio, Florida, Georgia, South Carolina
July 1st Day 8: North Carolina, Kentucky, Virginia, West Virginia, Pennsylvania
July 2nd Day 9: Delaware, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Maryland
July 3rd Day 10: New Hampshire, Maine, Connecticut, Vermont, New York

It would send a loud and clear message to the politicians that we are not to be taken for granted and our votes must be won. Please tell everyone you know because the more Independents there are the harder the politicians will work for our vote and maybe we can force them to give us better choices instead of the lesser of two evils and we can apply some serious pressure on them. Just think about this, what is a politician's only concern? It is getting elected or re-elected, so we make it extremely hard for the bad ones to get re-elected and easy for good ones by using a very powerful tool, the polls. You can swing support hugely when you have over 50% of the vote undecided or suddenly against a bad apple.

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