Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Rep. Todd A Rock

I am happy to report that I finally got someone that is suppose to represent me to respond to any form of inquiry. Rep. Todd Rock from the 9oth District of the Pennsylvania House not only responded but took the time to actually read the email and promise to look into the two bills on States Rights and Constitutional Convention. This is a good thing because it shows that sometimes you can try to breakdown the front door time and time again with no success, but if you took the time to do a little homework (check the side/back door) you might just get in.

I am not saying that this is going to immediately change the way Washington is doing business, but if enough of us reach out to our state reps and they start clamouring for State Rights in all fifty state capitols Congress is going to get real scared because they have no legal leg to stand on for most of the crap they have been shovelling for years. I know a lot of states are scared because they have been sucking heavily on the federal tit for years, but that tit is going to cost us our Country if we don't start doing something about it now.

Have you heard this one, Medicaid is going to go insolvent in 2017, which will only be accelerated if we allow 12 million more people to access it through amnesty. How do you think that they are going to return it to solvency? They are going to tax the crap out of us that actually work for a living. That is the only way if you want to maintain the level of benefit for all current and future recipients. This is just one of the items that has this same kind of bill coming due. Social Security runs out of money in 2036, so we have a couple of more years to not do anything about that.

I am telling you that we have to put an end to the strong central government and return us to our founding roots. We should be scared of a government that thinks that they should take all the money from people and give it to others. At some point the will be no rich people to take from and then what? Do you really think that Washington is going to stop taxing people because of some imaginary line of richness? Please, we have already seen that it doesn't matter what you make they are going to come after every dime because soon there will be no rich people around because they can do something about where they live. Then that will just leave everyday working stiffs footing the bill for all those who just won't. If you are sick and tired, stand up and contact your state rep and let them know you've had enough of Washington.

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