Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Missile Test, whatever for?

If you have followed this blog for anytime, you know that I feel it is only a matter of time before Israel says enough and bombs the crap out of Iran. This should worry the living crap out of all those peace-niks running around because Iran will hold us responsible for not controlling Israel and start bombing the crap out of our guys in Iraq and anywhere near by like floating around in those grey things in the Gulf.

A successful missile test is a nice thing for the crazy man that is President of Iran, but really doesn't change the equation on their nuke capability for a few more years because a simple heavy nuke is easy to make a small lightweight one that sits atop a missile is another story altogether. If you were Iran and had some fairly competent scientist they could do some searching on the Internet and at the local library to figure out how to make a pretty good nuke. This nuke would do the job on Israel with no problem at all. They won't need a super sophisticated delivery system because it would easily fit in a cargo container and be floated right into Haifa without too much trouble at all.

How many virgins would the crew get when they reached paradise for killing a million or so infidels? This is what happens with a nuclear capable Iran because they are state sponsors of terrorism and have been for years. They get it and give it to one of their proxies and then wait for the bright flash in the West. Does anyone seriously think Israel is going to sit around waiting for that to happen? They know that they can't trust the US to protect them any longer, so they know that it is up to them to protect themselves. Would this spark all kinds of international protest sure, but it is a small price to pay for not losing half of you citizens in a single attack.

Lets hear what you think on the matter. Do you want to start the pool again on when Israel is going to strike. I was wrong last time, but I think it is closer now than before the recent visit to Washington.

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