Thursday, May 7, 2009


I have been zooming around the 912 sites and I am noticing one thing and that is there are a lot of people that are pissed about what is happening to this country. I know that things have to change because there is just no way that we can survive under the current and constantly building mess in Washington. I have said it time and time again, but finally someone with the megaphone of television has gotten on board. Glenn Beck isn't such a republican shill that we might actually have a chance of making a difference.

The Glenn Beck 912 website offers an open door to people that are sick and tired of how our government treats us. We are not sheep to be sheared every two years and we are not standing there with our hands out to take their alms. We are hard working, tax paying Americans that deserve better than we have been getting out of Washington. We can not let them mortgage our children and grandchildren futures just so they can get re-elected. We also can not let them continue to throw our hard earn dollars down the corporate bailout toilet.

Because, in case you have been in a coma for the last nine months, they have spent trillions of tax dollars they don't have saving this and that with zero positive results. GM and Chrysler are still heading into bankruptcy. The banks paid off all their foreign investors, but are still stuck with all the bad mortgages that are STILL going into default. If this whole mess doesn't get you jumping in the air mad then you may be dead already.

I have been a little slack in my rantings lately because I have been so busy, but I can't take the crap Washington is shoveling daily. Cap and Trade was supposed to be no way in hell, but now it looks like full steam ahead. Socialized Medicine, another probably won't happen, but now is pushing its way into your wallet if you have a job. Additionally it will pay for all those illegals that are now going to be given the golden ticket.

I can't wait for what next week brings because I am sure that we will just institute Marshall law to stop all these protests because they are a national security risk according to Homeland Security. I am sure that I am on a list somewhere for the stuff I have written here, as a veteran open to conservative ideas (or as the DHS calls me a radical right wing extremist).

I love this country and will fight to my dying breath to make it a home for the brave and the land of the free. Did you hear that DHS. I am not going to have everything I have ever believed in sold down the river by this Congress and President. Enough is enough and this isn't an anti-Democrat thing either because the Republican bozos are just as guilty.

I have seen this somewhere "Unite or Die" because we are about at that point now. It could be in a couple of years, months, weeks, days, hell even hours, that we might not be able to recognize the America that was the Light of Liberty and Freedom for the whole world. We will just be another pseudo-socialist state or even worse. I don't know where it will end for you, but it has reached my end.

I say good luck and God bless. Now go out and find some like minded people to join up with and march on your state capitol with torches and pitchforks or come on down the sewer and march on Washington. It appears that is about the only thing that might get their attention.

Okay, I am done ranting for now, but please lend your voice and vote to the cause. Do something today that will make a difference in our tomorrow.


  1. I'm all for the torches and pitchforks.

    Hi from a fellow bubblehead. I never knew there would be so many of us blogging on here.

  2. You know that we are all full of it and this appears to be one of the socially acceptable ways to let it out.

    Meet you on the Capitol steps.