Thursday, May 21, 2009

Finally a Victory

I must commend the voters in California for saying no to bad ideas even if it is years too late, but at least they finally had the stones to stand up to their government. The people have spoken loud and clear, we won't continue to fund a government of wasteful spending when we are doing without and cutting back. This same message needs to be delivered to Washington as they are pursuing the same kind of reckless spending agenda that California has had for years. They should step back and see what happens when those bills start rolling in and they have no way to pay them. They should see that giving services without means to pay for them today results in huge problems when those bills show up demanding payment.

The voting public needs to understand that they hold the key to fixing this country and that is changing the way Washington sees our money. Currently it is a piggy bank to be raided every time they get a wild hair up their collective @$$es with zero intent of ever paying it back. The public needs to remind them that every dollar they spend is one they take out of our pockets or currently our grand kids pockets. They need to know that we are sick and tired of paying for every pet program and for people that are not contributing. I would much rather spend my money the way I see fit vice being forced to spend it the way Washington sees fit, such as the Republicans paying off their banker buddies or the Democrats paying off their union buddies for running this country into the ground.

I see the only acceptable corporate bailout is buying a company's products, in that if they make a good product I will give them my hard earned dollars in exchange for their products. If they make a crappy product then they go into bankruptcy and try to figure out how to make products that people want or they go under. This is how things are suppose to work and that is why we have bankruptcy laws. The government has decided that isn't how things are going to work and that they can run this nations businesses much better. It is truly sad that more people are not screaming at the top of their lungs, NO! In case you missed it the government couldn't run a lemonade stand and turn a profit and would force everyone to pony up regardless of their desire for lemonade.

This where we stand today and if more people would just say no to the craziness then maybe we could throw the current bunch of spend crazy nuts out of Washington and replace them with average joes that understand sacrifice and belt tightening. Don't even get me started on Pelosi and Reid, which are the two no talent @$$ clowns that are leading this country right now. They can't even figure out what they know or think, but want us to believe they are the right leadership for this country. They are up for re-election and I am sure that they both will be re-elected because people are just too lazy to be bothered with making an intelligent choice. Like I said maybe, just maybe, enough pissed off people will band together and say enough of this madness.

With all that said I hope everyone has a great day and tell some one that you love them because in the end you aren't going to worry about how much the government screwed you but who you survived it with.

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