Friday, May 29, 2009

Operation Swing Vote I

I will say this again for those who can't fathom the idea of doing something as a show of protest. We all register to vote as Independents by July 4th, which will cause a huge upswing in the Independents that the polls see. This will cause the parties to wonder what is going wrong and make them re=evaluate their choices. The primaries are months away and we continue to poll either against bad candidates or for good candidates. This will effect who gets money and support.

Listen very carefully to the next part,


That is not too hard now is it.

I wonder if it is even worth trying to herd the cats on the 912 Project because all I seem to find are blind party devotees and conspiracy theorist, whenever I trying to accomplish anything that might actually achieve something. If you want to support Operation Swing Vote then please do and I say it here with all sincerity. I can't say the same over on the Glenn Beck site because there are some people that can't let go of the two party thing and it is just plain sad.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Sea to Shining Sea

Would you like to Join the Sea to Shining Sea Project? We are trying to get all 912ers (Americans) to register as Independents by July 4th moving West to East on this schedule:

June 22nd Day 1: Alaska, Hawaii, Washington, Oregon, California
June 23rd Day 2: Idaho, Nevada, Montana, Wyoming, Utah
June 24th Day 3: Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico, North Dakota, South Dakota
June 25th Day 4: Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Minnesota
June 26th Day 5: Iowa, Missouri, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi
June 29th Day 6: Tennessee, Illinois, Wisconsin, Michigan, Indiana
June 30th Day 7: Alabama, Ohio, Florida, Georgia, South Carolina
July 1st Day 8: North Carolina, Kentucky, Virginia, West Virginia, Pennsylvania
July 2nd Day 9: Delaware, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Maryland
July 3rd Day 10: New Hampshire, Maine, Connecticut, Vermont, New York

It would send a loud and clear message to the politicians that we are not to be taken for granted and our votes must be won. Please tell everyone you know because the more Independents there are the harder the politicians will work for our vote and maybe we can force them to give us better choices instead of the lesser of two evils and we can apply some serious pressure on them. Just think about this, what is a politician's only concern? It is getting elected or re-elected, so we make it extremely hard for the bad ones to get re-elected and easy for good ones by using a very powerful tool, the polls. You can swing support hugely when you have over 50% of the vote undecided or suddenly against a bad apple.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Core Issues

I've taken to campaigning on the 912 site for a coming together of people to support the core values that will reshape Washington. I have asked people to focus on a few things that they really want to see changed and leave some of the more incendiary topics for another time. I am not sure how successful this thing will be, but it can't hurt to at least try to gel under a single very winnable position.

I also think that we have to declare our independence from the two party system by registering as Independents, which will cause the rolls of the two parties to drop rapidly. You can still lean whatever way that you want, but it will encourage the parties to woo the independents if they want to win an election ever again. They would have to stop putting up the same lame choices and make us decide between the lesser of two evils. If they put up a lame choice all the independents immediate poll the other way or undecided, so that the party sees this guy has zero chance. This would be and outstanding tactic against Moneymaker Crist in FL. If suddenly his numbers tanked hard or shot up for the other side, he might get the hint he ain't the guy.

What do you think? Could it work? I would like to hear what you think.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Finally a Victory

I must commend the voters in California for saying no to bad ideas even if it is years too late, but at least they finally had the stones to stand up to their government. The people have spoken loud and clear, we won't continue to fund a government of wasteful spending when we are doing without and cutting back. This same message needs to be delivered to Washington as they are pursuing the same kind of reckless spending agenda that California has had for years. They should step back and see what happens when those bills start rolling in and they have no way to pay them. They should see that giving services without means to pay for them today results in huge problems when those bills show up demanding payment.

The voting public needs to understand that they hold the key to fixing this country and that is changing the way Washington sees our money. Currently it is a piggy bank to be raided every time they get a wild hair up their collective @$$es with zero intent of ever paying it back. The public needs to remind them that every dollar they spend is one they take out of our pockets or currently our grand kids pockets. They need to know that we are sick and tired of paying for every pet program and for people that are not contributing. I would much rather spend my money the way I see fit vice being forced to spend it the way Washington sees fit, such as the Republicans paying off their banker buddies or the Democrats paying off their union buddies for running this country into the ground.

I see the only acceptable corporate bailout is buying a company's products, in that if they make a good product I will give them my hard earned dollars in exchange for their products. If they make a crappy product then they go into bankruptcy and try to figure out how to make products that people want or they go under. This is how things are suppose to work and that is why we have bankruptcy laws. The government has decided that isn't how things are going to work and that they can run this nations businesses much better. It is truly sad that more people are not screaming at the top of their lungs, NO! In case you missed it the government couldn't run a lemonade stand and turn a profit and would force everyone to pony up regardless of their desire for lemonade.

This where we stand today and if more people would just say no to the craziness then maybe we could throw the current bunch of spend crazy nuts out of Washington and replace them with average joes that understand sacrifice and belt tightening. Don't even get me started on Pelosi and Reid, which are the two no talent @$$ clowns that are leading this country right now. They can't even figure out what they know or think, but want us to believe they are the right leadership for this country. They are up for re-election and I am sure that they both will be re-elected because people are just too lazy to be bothered with making an intelligent choice. Like I said maybe, just maybe, enough pissed off people will band together and say enough of this madness.

With all that said I hope everyone has a great day and tell some one that you love them because in the end you aren't going to worry about how much the government screwed you but who you survived it with.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Missile Test, whatever for?

If you have followed this blog for anytime, you know that I feel it is only a matter of time before Israel says enough and bombs the crap out of Iran. This should worry the living crap out of all those peace-niks running around because Iran will hold us responsible for not controlling Israel and start bombing the crap out of our guys in Iraq and anywhere near by like floating around in those grey things in the Gulf.

A successful missile test is a nice thing for the crazy man that is President of Iran, but really doesn't change the equation on their nuke capability for a few more years because a simple heavy nuke is easy to make a small lightweight one that sits atop a missile is another story altogether. If you were Iran and had some fairly competent scientist they could do some searching on the Internet and at the local library to figure out how to make a pretty good nuke. This nuke would do the job on Israel with no problem at all. They won't need a super sophisticated delivery system because it would easily fit in a cargo container and be floated right into Haifa without too much trouble at all.

How many virgins would the crew get when they reached paradise for killing a million or so infidels? This is what happens with a nuclear capable Iran because they are state sponsors of terrorism and have been for years. They get it and give it to one of their proxies and then wait for the bright flash in the West. Does anyone seriously think Israel is going to sit around waiting for that to happen? They know that they can't trust the US to protect them any longer, so they know that it is up to them to protect themselves. Would this spark all kinds of international protest sure, but it is a small price to pay for not losing half of you citizens in a single attack.

Lets hear what you think on the matter. Do you want to start the pool again on when Israel is going to strike. I was wrong last time, but I think it is closer now than before the recent visit to Washington.

Moving Forward

I am wondering if anything is ever going to come of this Tea Party / 912 movement. I have been searching high and low for some true signs of life from these groups and I have found glimmers, but not the inferno that I would have expected by now. There is no real national agenda, the is no set of demands for people to rally around, there are a few candidates with the key being the word few and not one single group spokes man other than Glenn Beck. I think it was a wonderful idea of Glenn to start a meeting place for like minded individuals to meet up and form up, but the problem with these type of people they are individuals and have very strong beliefs on every thing.

This is both a blessing and a curse because they aren't likely to be discourage from their beliefs, but at the same time they are not likely to compromise to work with others. If you don't believe exactly like they do, they want nothing to do with you even though there is a common enemy robbing them blind. They refuse to open the door even a little crack to allow people that agree with them on the core issue of the day because that would mean having to back burner an insaner topic. They would rather spend time bashing one another over the differences vice coming together over the common objectives. I must have been out of my mind to think that people could come together for the common good and agree to disagree on the other stuff much like our Founding Fathers did way back in the beginning.

They disagreed on slavery and the rights of the individual. They struck workable compromises to agree on major issues and leave other issues to be tackled later. They did not abolish slavery because it would have fractured the whole thing and left them under the tyranny of Britain. They tabled it and moved on to the things they could accomplish and put a system in place to tackle that issue at a later date hence the Amendment ability to the Constitution. If we sit around and focus on abortion and gay marriage then the Washington has already won because they aren't going to touch those topics in any real way. They are going to keep spending and raising taxes, while the grassroots movements bicker over issues that are not going to be resolved any time soon.

If you want to make a real difference figure out what is important to this country and work to reach a reasonable agreement with your friends and neighbors to make that happen. If we want to put Washington back in the box and clean up the corruption then we need to come together over that and raise that banner high. We need to get with our state reps and force the states to rise up to that cause. The power to control Washington resides in the states not in Washington. If enough states say enough is enough then they can change the way Washington does business. They can return control back to the states and reduce Washington's power and ability to tax.

I know that unless we come together on the things we agree on, Washington will continue its out of control spending and taxation. Stop the fighting over the side issues and focus on the heart of the matter fiscal responsibility in Washington and return us to a nation of laws. Washington can no longer ignore the laws of the land to reward their friends and punish their enemies, that is tyranny. We need to reign in Washington and enforce the laws that already exist. Spending money on corporate bailouts to support bankers and unions is illegal and should never have been done by either party. It is time to stand up and say enough is enough.

I have said my piece on the matter, so lets hear what you have to say. I say if Americans can not agree we are doomed to serve Washington vice the way it should be with Washington serving the people.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Sick and Tired

You can say that I've been busy, but no busier than the rats in Washington. It seems that it is quite okay to divulge classified information for a laugh or straight out lie about what you were a party to or to just plain break promise after promise. This is the sad state of our country today. This is the leadership that we are suppose to follow and if you are still on active duty obey the orders of. I know that some would say that I am only anti-Democrat, but that isn't true in the least because the Republicans showed their true colors by throwing their full support behind Gov. Crist of Florida. This just goes to show that they like a money maker even if he rolls over and sells out the Republican base in his state.

I am working hard to change this country through the 912 Project, but I am not sure if even like minded people can agree that the sky is blue. The 912er's are all over the map and can't really decide whether they want to take over the Republican party or work on or with a third party. Then there are the issues that are also all over the map. You have the ultra conservatives and you have fiscal conservatives pushing and shoving to control the whole mess. I am sadden by the fact that the movement as of yet has not decided on a single core issue that they are going to fight to the death on or how they are going to do it.

I am encouraged that some people are organizing and that there is some hope that we will see some movement towards slowing the run away train in Washington, but until a clear and definite course of action is laid out the 912 Project is going to be a balloon rapidly losing air as it flies around the room. I would like to see a central core message emerge that everyone can support based on issue that affect us all (see my top ten). I think we need to leave Gay Marriage, Abortion and a few other insaner topics out and push forward with stopping the out of control Washington. Enforce laws, stop bailouts, balance the budget, reduce the national debt, control who is inside our borders, and put an end to the kingdoms in Washington. This is not too much to ask and it is something most if not all Americans could support.

So I ask you, why is it so damned hard to figure out and do? I mean we are all fairly reasonable people that just want a good life for ourselves and our families. We don't want to steal what we haven't earned. We just want a fair shake and to know that if we work hard that we have a chance of doing better than our parents. I don't think this is too crazy or radical, but it seems that most people go off in very different directions from there. I am at a loss as to how to make people realize that we need to stand together and put a stop to this ever expanding government.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Rep. Todd A Rock

I am happy to report that I finally got someone that is suppose to represent me to respond to any form of inquiry. Rep. Todd Rock from the 9oth District of the Pennsylvania House not only responded but took the time to actually read the email and promise to look into the two bills on States Rights and Constitutional Convention. This is a good thing because it shows that sometimes you can try to breakdown the front door time and time again with no success, but if you took the time to do a little homework (check the side/back door) you might just get in.

I am not saying that this is going to immediately change the way Washington is doing business, but if enough of us reach out to our state reps and they start clamouring for State Rights in all fifty state capitols Congress is going to get real scared because they have no legal leg to stand on for most of the crap they have been shovelling for years. I know a lot of states are scared because they have been sucking heavily on the federal tit for years, but that tit is going to cost us our Country if we don't start doing something about it now.

Have you heard this one, Medicaid is going to go insolvent in 2017, which will only be accelerated if we allow 12 million more people to access it through amnesty. How do you think that they are going to return it to solvency? They are going to tax the crap out of us that actually work for a living. That is the only way if you want to maintain the level of benefit for all current and future recipients. This is just one of the items that has this same kind of bill coming due. Social Security runs out of money in 2036, so we have a couple of more years to not do anything about that.

I am telling you that we have to put an end to the strong central government and return us to our founding roots. We should be scared of a government that thinks that they should take all the money from people and give it to others. At some point the will be no rich people to take from and then what? Do you really think that Washington is going to stop taxing people because of some imaginary line of richness? Please, we have already seen that it doesn't matter what you make they are going to come after every dime because soon there will be no rich people around because they can do something about where they live. Then that will just leave everyday working stiffs footing the bill for all those who just won't. If you are sick and tired, stand up and contact your state rep and let them know you've had enough of Washington.

Friday, May 8, 2009

States Rights

It seems the only way to stop the express elevator to hell is to stop wasting time with Washington and focus on the states. The states have the power to put an end to the insanity by taking away Washington's keys. If we get support of about 40 states we can change the Constitution and return this country to reality. Will this be easy, no way because it is hard to bite the hand that feeds you billions of dollars. But, it can be done because the states are more affected by their citizens than Washington and the cool thing is that each state gets one vote regardless of population, so California and New York are equal to Montana and Idaho. This should be incredible encouraging to those of us that are sick and tired of being called dumb because we don't live in those two states and don't ascribe to over taxation.

Find out if you state has a bill moving to reassert their Constitutional rights and/or a call for a Constitutional Convention, if they have either or both then let your local rep know that you are in favor of it. If not then encourage that same rep to introduce one to the state legislator the next time is meets. Good luck and happy hunting.

Thursday, May 7, 2009


I have been zooming around the 912 sites and I am noticing one thing and that is there are a lot of people that are pissed about what is happening to this country. I know that things have to change because there is just no way that we can survive under the current and constantly building mess in Washington. I have said it time and time again, but finally someone with the megaphone of television has gotten on board. Glenn Beck isn't such a republican shill that we might actually have a chance of making a difference.

The Glenn Beck 912 website offers an open door to people that are sick and tired of how our government treats us. We are not sheep to be sheared every two years and we are not standing there with our hands out to take their alms. We are hard working, tax paying Americans that deserve better than we have been getting out of Washington. We can not let them mortgage our children and grandchildren futures just so they can get re-elected. We also can not let them continue to throw our hard earn dollars down the corporate bailout toilet.

Because, in case you have been in a coma for the last nine months, they have spent trillions of tax dollars they don't have saving this and that with zero positive results. GM and Chrysler are still heading into bankruptcy. The banks paid off all their foreign investors, but are still stuck with all the bad mortgages that are STILL going into default. If this whole mess doesn't get you jumping in the air mad then you may be dead already.

I have been a little slack in my rantings lately because I have been so busy, but I can't take the crap Washington is shoveling daily. Cap and Trade was supposed to be no way in hell, but now it looks like full steam ahead. Socialized Medicine, another probably won't happen, but now is pushing its way into your wallet if you have a job. Additionally it will pay for all those illegals that are now going to be given the golden ticket.

I can't wait for what next week brings because I am sure that we will just institute Marshall law to stop all these protests because they are a national security risk according to Homeland Security. I am sure that I am on a list somewhere for the stuff I have written here, as a veteran open to conservative ideas (or as the DHS calls me a radical right wing extremist).

I love this country and will fight to my dying breath to make it a home for the brave and the land of the free. Did you hear that DHS. I am not going to have everything I have ever believed in sold down the river by this Congress and President. Enough is enough and this isn't an anti-Democrat thing either because the Republican bozos are just as guilty.

I have seen this somewhere "Unite or Die" because we are about at that point now. It could be in a couple of years, months, weeks, days, hell even hours, that we might not be able to recognize the America that was the Light of Liberty and Freedom for the whole world. We will just be another pseudo-socialist state or even worse. I don't know where it will end for you, but it has reached my end.

I say good luck and God bless. Now go out and find some like minded people to join up with and march on your state capitol with torches and pitchforks or come on down the sewer and march on Washington. It appears that is about the only thing that might get their attention.

Okay, I am done ranting for now, but please lend your voice and vote to the cause. Do something today that will make a difference in our tomorrow.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Enumerated Powers Act

Representative John Shadegg (R-AZ) has re-introduced The Enumerated Powers Act (EPA). This bill would force Congress to cite the specific constitutional authority for every law they pass. DC Downsizer

Too bad that this bill will never really see the light of day, but wouldn't it be great if it did. Just think the criminals in Congress would have to cite the Constitution for every piece of legislation that passes through the Congress. We wouldn't have bailouts, income tax, or cap & trade because they are not allowed to do so by the Constitution. I know that I am a worn out drum about contacting the politician that represents you and let them know how you feel about this bill.

I would love to see this happen, but pigs haven't been flying out of my butts so I won't hold my breath.

Monday, May 4, 2009


Hey Everyone,
I know that I have been slack at blogging lately and I am sorry for that as there has been a steady assault on our liberties out of Washington. I am joining forces with The National 912 Project to push our concerns forward and I hope everyone interested will join up. I don't know what the final outcome will be, but it seems there are a lot of people and a lot of veterans that are really pissed about the direction of this country and not just be cause Obama is in the White House. People were pissed before and thought that Obama was going to do things differently, but that hasn't happened.

If you are as pissed as a lot of us are then now is the time to stand up to Washington and say enough is enough. I am not saying you have to join the same group, but get together with other like minded individuals in your area and formulate a plan to shake you statehouse back to reality. Washington has zero incentive to change, so we must give it to them in the form of a states rights revolt. This won't be easy as many of them our federal dollar junkies and kicking that habit is going to be nearly impossible, but we have an immediate effect at the state level and should focus our efforts on waking them up to the dangers of kowtowing to Washington.

Let me know what you think and what you are doing. I will support and defend the Constitution as I have said many times with my hand raised. Will you join me?