Sunday, April 19, 2009

What Now?

The excitement over the Tax Day Tea Parties is over and people are wondering what to do next, so I have a list of ten things they can do to further the cause of liberty and freedom from tyranny.

1. Plan on being in Washington on July 4th for a Celebration of Freedom. This will be a rally to celebrate the greatness of this country and We The People that make it so not the government.
2. Plan local rallies to remember those who died over Memorial Weekend.
3. Plan a local rally on 9/12 to put forth our demands and maybe some new candidates.
4. Write letters as individuals or groups to your current Congressman/President to let them know how you feel.
5. Start or join the new third party in your area.
6. Find out what it takes to get someone on the ballot in your area and state.
7. Find a few good people willing to serve this country and sign a voter contract.
8. Work to get candidates elected in local elections.
9. Call, email, write your Congressman on how they vote on important issues as they arise.
10. Keep loving this country and each other because the hard times are not over and things are going to be rough.

God Bless and keep up the hard work.


  1. I would like to also suggest and ask that you create a link.

    It has pre-made letters set up so folks can ask their representatives to sign a contract to represent their constituents and uphold the 9 principles and 12 values. It's a great way of finding out who's on the side of "We the People!"

    Your call! Great advice already, but I think you might find this an appropriate step forward.