Monday, April 13, 2009

We the People

I am finding it very easy to jump ship from the Republican party as they have shown no desire to do the right thing consistently. I am going to be a founding member of the We the People party because it is the only sensible thing to do. The other two parties are all about themselves and getting re-elected, this has not helped the people (their bosses) . There are many opposed to such a new party, but why? They say it will drain the conservatives from the Republican party and that would be bad. Again ask why is that bad?

Would it not be better to have a middle party that believes in America's greatness and wants to reduce Washington's influence in our lives. Our Founding Fathers has no desire for a strong central government because it leads to tyranny. They fought and died to free themselves for an oppressive central government that only had its own self interests in mind. Does this sound familiar? It should and we should be just as outraged.

The thing that the MSM is missing in all these Tax Day protest isn't that it is just about taxes because it is more about an oppressive central government that is longer for the people. They do as they please with no regard to the consequences to the average American. They spend like there is no tomorrow, but sadly there is. Some in the media say taxes are too low and I agree because we have spent too many years overspending and there is no way to get out of debt if we don't tax more, BUT I don't want my tax dollar thrown down the toilet of wasteful government spending. I say freeze all federal spending and no additional spending for one year, no changes in taxes for the same year, and then figure out what we have in terms of revenue verse debt. If we do not have revenue to pay for spending then spending must be cut and a plan in place to pay of the National Debt as part of the new spending plan.

Then and only then can they monkey with taxes. They also must prove the revenue stream for each new item of spending. If anyone else was in this deep of a hole that is how they would get out, so this is what is needed. It doesn't seem the current two parties are will to take this step for fear of getting booted out of office, but I say that is crap because everyone knows the sorry shape that this country is in and what it is going to take to get us out. We just don't appreciate being lied to and having are hard earned dollars wasted.


  1. The MSM isn't missing anything with the Tax day protests, They are pointing their well "educated" noses in the air and sniffing in disdain at the unwashed working class and Yeeegads conservative minded folks who understand how hard a dollar is to come by.

    "Founding Fathers has no desire for a strong central government because it leads to tyranny."

    We are there..

    I am with you that the current 2 party system has pretty much turned into a "damned if you do and damned if you don't" choice when elections are held.

    You need to add that the retirement for members of Congress and the Exectuive branch is abolished and no retroactive grandfather clause, Just gone, all pay raises must be approved by an 2/3 majority vote of voters in all states, and they must pay full taxes, FICA and Health care. All transportation is either out of their pockets or Space "A" military.

    I tryly hope that Americans are waking up to the outrage that is happening in Washington DC and in most state capitals.

  2. That would be nice, but until all the career critters in Washington are exterminated it will be an uphill battle all the way.

    We do have tyranny and it is dressed up in a smily face. We are so rapidly becoming a National Nanny State that no one even recognizes it because the full results are yet in place. Such as the government control of all business to the point that they set the wage scales for everyone. The money that would have gone to the individual will now go to the government to keep providing this wonderful level of help.