Monday, April 6, 2009

Only Time Will Tell

Funny thing is that North Korea just keeps thumbing its nose at us and we let them. Do we really think they are going to do anything other than blackmail us into giving them more money? Every time things get financially tight for them, they pull the old we are going to restart our nuclear weapons program unless you pay us. I am sure that they have already sold the technology to certain other countries and will continue to do so. We are doing nothing to stop them in any real sense and we are looking more foolish about it each time.

You want to see real change then try cutting off all financial aid. It has worked in the past and it would work again. The only problem is that our friends in China and Russia won't play along, so once again we are left whining and holding ourselves. Does anyone doubt that we could make NoKo disappear if they tried anything as stupid as invading the South or trying to launch a "nuke". It would be no contest, so why do we let a two bit dictator rattle our cage?

I really don't have an answer for this one and if you do please tell me because what we are doing now doesn't seem to be working. NoKo makes us look weak and foolish. We sit here and whine about it, but we don't or can't do a damn thing about it. Pull back the curtain and let me know what you think we should do.

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  1. Another thing that bothers me is why do we still have tens of thousands of soldiers and marines in South Korea and Okinawa? We ought to move out and let Japan and South Korea worry about NK.

    North Korea isn't a threat except to South Korea.