Thursday, April 30, 2009

My Top Ten

Someone asked me on the 912 Project site what my top ten were so here you go:

1. Term Limits for everyone includes the courts
2. Fair Tax (Federal Sales Tax)
3. Balanced Budget
4. National Debt Reduction
5. No Federal Bailouts
6. Secure Our Borders
7. Enforce the laws (Bankruptcy, Immigration, etc.)
8. Return the States Constitutional Rights
9. Force Legislators to Read the Bill before voting on it
10. If Congress makes a law it must reference where it derives its ability to make such a law according to the Constitution.

This may not be the best list, but it was what I could think of and is supported by the voting on the 912 Project site. If you have ideas or modifications lets hear them.

1 comment:

  1. Those are a good start. Number one should be to purge the house and senate of all standing members. Most have betrayed this country in one form or another that charges of treason are not too far out of line.

    But, unfortunatly, most of America is populated by "Sheeple" who just want to be entertained, have the gadgets and live in a false sense of psuedo celebrity. So they will remain disengaged from the political process.