Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Momentum is a crazy thing and it takes a lot of force at times to change it, but there are those rare times that just something little can change the course of human events. Let just say that the earlier you act the less force it takes to make huge changes in momentum. Let's say there is a giant rock hurtling towards the Earth and it is going to kill us all, but if we act today it will only take a small booster rocket to push it far out into space. If we wait and do nothing, then the best we can hope for is to break it up and pray that it doesn't kill us all. I bet you are wondering where I am headed with this and you should be.

Right now we have a huge rock of debt hurtling towards America and the only thing we are currently doing is added booster rockets to make it go faster. This debt is going to wipe out the America as we know it and most likely take down a lot of other economies with it. Congress has completely lost the big picture on this one and thinks you can deficit spend your way to prosperity. If you tried that crap in your own life you would quickly find that no one would lend you a dime and soon you won't be able to even make the minimum payments. This is where this country is headed and the current bunch of yahoos only want to speed the process. Won't it be nice to have a trillion dollars in deficit spending each year and a trillion dollar interest bill. That puts our government two trillion in the hole each year and at some point there will be zero takers of that debt and then what happens. We become like some third world dictatorship where they print million dollar bills to buy bread.

If we can stop the yahoos now before we run up any more debt then maybe just maybe we can divert the disaster and save our future. It is going to take a lot more action now and a heck of a lot more force since we let things go for so long, but it isn't too late yet. We need to take some drastic action starting with freezing spending and then we need a plan to pay down the National Debt (you know my idea on that). Once we do those things then the dollar will rebound and we will once again be a world leader and not a world debtor. You can follow the piper into the abyss or you can stand up and apply force to change the course of history. We have allowed the time to pass that small action would have done the trick and now we need to apply some serious and painful solutions if we want to save this country.


  1. I'm not optimistic, Sandy. The estimate for the increase in the national debt this fiscal year is two trillion dollars.

    It's like you are at the bar. You're sloppy drunk. The bartender is supposed to cut you off.

    Our only hope is that foreign governments which have been buying our debt cut us off.

  2. If we countinue to drink ourselves deeper into debt then some two bit hooker is going to roll us and there won't be a darn thing we can do about it.

    Glenn Beck made an interesting point yesterday on his show. We were there in Russia helping the the USSR over the edge and he is pretty sure that the Russians, Chinese and others are here returning the favor. It is an interesting thought.