Tuesday, April 14, 2009


I know that there a lot of like mind individuals out there that are tired of what Washington is shovelling. I say we come together as a new party that brings together the Libertarians, the Constitutionalists and any other like minded group. If We the People unite then there is absolutely no way that Congress and the President can continue to ignore us. If we stay fractured as small groups they win because they have divided and conquered us. I know many say no to a third party, but the time is now to make the leap. Parties should come and go because is just isn't possible for everyone to always agree on every issue. The current two parties have had their turn and have run this country into the ground with their willful disregard for the Constitution and no holes barred spending.

Tomorrow take part in a Tea Party Protest and then on Thursday find a way to support the beliefs that some many of us hold dear. Find out what it takes to get someone on your states ballot, find a candidate willing to sign a voter contract, and then help push that person to get elected next year. Stop donating money to either of the two parties because as we all know that is what they thrive on. Keep the fires of change burning and come the 4Th of July make it a true Independence Day from Washington tyranny. It has been said that Congress will not listen until a million concerned voters march on Washington. That shouldn't be too hard considering the number of people that are pissed about the way this country is headed.

I challenge you to do something concrete to rid this country of the career politicians and force reality back into the government. I know that taxes will go up to recover from the current spree, but I don't want a dime of it to be wasted on BS and pork. I will continue to advocate for a balanced budget that not only does not allow any deficit spending, but has a plan to payoff the National Debt. That is the only way to restore this country to greatness. If that means freezing or cutting a whole host of programs so be it because you can not have it all for free. Things cost and there is always a price to pay, so decide today how you want to pay. Keep throwing your money down the pit that is the current Congress or force hard choices and fix the government.

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