Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Call to Action

I can see the hope that people so desperately looking for and it isn't in Washington nor in the White House. It is found all over this great land where ever you find people fed up with the craziness coming out of Washington. These people see the mistake of having two parties that no longer work for the best interest of the people, but do whatever it takes to get re-elected. I ask you to find a way to send a message to Washington whether it be an email, a letter or a phone call and let your representatives know how you feel about what they are doing to this country.

It doesn't take more than a couple of hundred contacts from angry constituents before they get the message that their ardent hope of re-election maybe in jeopardy. We need them to stop spending our grand kids money and to freeze all government spending and tax changes. We need them to stop implementing new spending until they figure out how to pay for it up front that way we have a choice about how we mortgage our children's future vice getting ram down our throats. I am asking everyone to take the time to contact each of their representatives to add your name to a growing pile of dissatisfied customers.

I know you might be worried about Homeland Security putting you on a list, but do you think all those Founding Fathers had such worries? John Hancock and Sam Adams were the only two the British refused to pardon is they renounced the Revolution, so you might find yourself in some very good company. The other Founding Fathers refused as well and faced death for what they believed in, so this isn't too much to ask for turning this country around.

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