Thursday, March 12, 2009

You might have noticed...

I am kinda PO'd about the wonderful job the new President and his fellow Democrats are doing to run this country into the ground. I have to sling a little mud on a few Republicans as well since they were bought and paid for with pork. I can only hope that the people they represent find it in their hearts to toss them out on their collective butts. Of course the Republican Party can't do it since they are not allowed to run any new candidate against an incumbent according to the bylaws.

This is the very problem with Congress today. If your Congressman sucks you have to look to the other party as your only alternative because their party won't/can't give you another choice. This is why we need a third party that is truly viable to break the two party monopoly on Congress. It would force better accountability on each and every Congressman if they knew that their dumb decisions could come back to haunt them.

Just think about those Republicans and Democrats that have made Congress a complete circus because they come from historically one party areas they keep getting re-elected. The public isn't allowed another choice. If you had another party that could run a candidate with a background like the historical one or more in the middle, we could actually see real change in Congress and maybe some improvement.

Hell we could take 535 people off the street today that would have more common sense and do a better job then the yahoos that are there now. Just something to think about as Congress spends our grand kids money. Let me hear what you think. I am still really pissed at the way the President breaks promises and thinks people won't realize that it is his name at the bottom of the page. History is going to see his name at the bottom of all this crap and judge accordingly.

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