Monday, March 30, 2009

What the Heck!

Since when does the President of the United States decide who runs a business. Sure they took federal dollars and opened the door, but I would think the President would have better things to worry about. Also, I find it beyond outrageous that Pres. Obama can ask a guy working for $1 a year to step down when the Union Boss that will not budge is allowed to continue to loot the Treasury. We need this madness to stop. I have joined the Glenn Beck 912 Project to add my voice to those conservatives that feel trampled under foot by Washington.

It is just getting started and is trying to be a non-partisan conservative voice, but there are a few liberals that muck up the works. There is a lot of outrage out there and Glenn is trying to lend a voice to this outrage. There is a lot of support for Tea Parties and a section to allow you to vent. It is a decent discussion of today's events and how Congress and the President are spending this country down the river. Take a look. I advocate for the same things you have seen here, term limits and cleaning up Washington. There are a lot of other ideas as well and you can add your own to the mix. There is talk of a third party, but that is more hot air than anything else. I would like to see a new party emerge, but I just can see it at this point unless this thing really takes off.

I hope this week we will see more and more push back on the crazy and wasteful spending. I also hope to see an end to Congress, the Treasury Sec. and the President being allowed to willfully and maliciously over step their Constitutional bounds. I won't hold my breath considering that the President dismissed the head of GM, while allowing the Union Boss to stay in place. If you are stepping out why not go all the way. Lets hear what you have to say and what you think we need to do to stop this run away train of deficit spending.


  1. Hear, hear! I wish the guy would button up long enough for the economy to recover.

  2. Obama has taken ownership of the economy. It will be a hard wind blowing for the next four years. Chances are the economy will recover, and all the protests will be for naught.

    Think "Leaderless Resistance" on how to survive.

  3. I believe that was the whole point, Obama and his team kept talking down the economy, which drove it way down and now they look like geniuses for the recovery. All the expansion in government is a bonus. The fun begins when the bills start coming due. There is no way that just raising taxes on the rich is going to work, so stand the heck by.