Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Welcome Back

Is it time to bust out the disco records and bell bottoms? Something seems vaguely familiar about what is happening in Washington and it isn't good. The baby boomers were too high to remember the bad old days of Carter and the rampant unemployment, high interests rates and sky high inflation brought on by big brother helping hand government. It took Reagan to turn the country around and set us back on the path of smaller government and lower taxes. It took decades to reduce the entitlement mentality in Washington, but we have now opened the flood gates once again.

I said last week that President Obama's idea of blaming earmarks and huge budgets as leftovers is just plain lying. He and his cronies adopted the bills and the 2010 budget even goes further into big brother government. Having a President that thinks electricity is too cheap and the government needs to put an end to it is beyond stupid. Who do you think it is going to hurt more the millionaire or the minimum wage earner? This is the Democrats doing what they always do. They claim to come to help, but in the end the most vulnerable end up suffering the most. Who becomes unemployed first the millionaire or the minimum wage earner? Who is most likely to lose their home? Who is most likely to have to decide whether it will be food or heat?

This is your Congress here to help and just like Squadron, it is usually far more painful than helpful. You want to help, then tell the Congress to stop wasting our tax dollars and start cutting spending. Reform bloated entitlement program that waste huge amount of tax dollars on layer after layer of government bureaucracy. This is only going to get worse before the public final wakes up and sees that it must hold these people responsible for their spendthrift ways. The Republican party needs to issue an official statement apologizing for the Bush years of deficit spending and corruption. They need to unite under a binding agreement to once again be fiscal hawks and reformers. Earning back America's trust is going to be a step by step process, but they must come clean and start naming names and policing themselves.

We are in for some seriously rough times ahead and just pray that we are able to reverse the policies before they become too ingrained.


  1. The sad thing, Sandy, is that over half the US budget this year, 1.75 trillion dollars will be borrowed.

    I guess as money leaves the stock market it seeks a safe haven in US Treasury bonds. That's the only safe haven I know of.

  2. Let's hope that you are right on that one. I do think that T-bonds are going to start having to return a serious percentage since our economy is headed into an inflationary cycle caused by all this spending of money that we may never have.