Monday, March 16, 2009

Funny Thing

Have you heard the latest, the economy is fundamentally sound and that America is a good investment. Funny thing about this is that when a Republican said it six months ago he was hounded by the press and Democrats to no end. They said that he was out of touch and knew nothing about what was happening, but now that the President has signed away our grand kids future things are just ducky. The economy has always had strong fundamentals. The people wanting to change them are the ones now clinging to them, lest they drown in their own stupidity. The free market does work, but it does need some looking after since it is run by human beings. We need to make sure that people are not taken advantage of and that the greedy criminal types are kept in check, but otherwise the market sorts things out.

Do you really think that AIG would have been paying out those bonuses if they had to file bankruptcy? Everyone says we couldn't let them fail, but do we really know that? What about the car companies? If they had restructured six months ago and told the UAW where to get off, would they still be at the door of Congress begging for more handouts. I have to give it to Ford because they were able to see this train wreck coming and planned ahead. They aren't begging for a bailout. The Bush administration opened the door to this circus, but it is time to fold up the tent and let the market decided who survives. Stop the bailouts now! Let companies enter bankruptcy and restructure. Let the strong buy the pieces. If the government really wanted to help then they should have helped the home owner, but that train has left the station.

So far, we have poured a couple trillion dollars into the market to no avail. Let the dust settle and then use our heads. What we don't need is more government action and certainly no additional programs or taxes. We need things to stabilize and start moving upward again. I know that the President can't allow this to happen because if it did there is no way his socialist agenda would ever get passed. The President isn't going to let the current crisis end until his agenda is passed and can't be undone. Sure there are nice ideas in there, but at what cost and with what money? Do you really want the federal government, the same people in charge of Social Security, in charge of your health care and education?

Say what you want, but I believe we would be better off allowing the market to decide who survives and who parishes. People have already lost huge chunks of their retirement, so why are we going to let the government steal the rest. You can decide for yourself if you think the President is doing what is right for this country, but I already know that we are heading for a much deeper recession if we continue to allow Congress to spend away our grand kids future.

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  1. Like you say, we are subsidizing failure, and letting our children pay for it.

    I still think a deflationary depression is in the cards because we are throwing money into a black hole of the banks.