Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Credibility is in short supply in Washington and President Obama is using up any he has left with each passing day and new socialist program he rolls out. He says no earmarks for his administration and so far the two pieces of funding handed to him by Congress have been stuff full of them. His excuse is that these are hold overs from the last administration and not his fault. What a complete crock, if you tried that one with the Eng on something in the logs he would first laugh himself silly and then look you in the eye and point to you where you relieved the watch. President Obama you have the deck and the conn, so man up and do the right thing.

In case President Obama didn't get the memo, he is the leader of the free world and should act like it. The fact that Gordon Brown is not a splashy guy or will garner him any favor with the European Socialist has zero to do with the fact that you don't give the leader of our only true ally in the war on terror a box set of DVDs as a state gift. What the F%&$? If you weren't ready for a State visit then put it off, but to do it half a$$ed is beyond what the world expects of the most powerful nation on earth whether any one likes it or not. It isn't the Germans, French, or Brits, it is the good old US of A and we need to make sure that we don't go around acting like a pauper just to win the approval of those guys. Sure, we are doing everything we can to adopt their social policies and transform this country from a country of innovators to one of beggars, but acting all weak and timid is just going to get us kicked in the stones by the terrorist to see if we are willing to do anything about it.

President Obama, you need to up your credibility to match your talking points or you are going to have a very long short presidency. The public wants to believe you are different and is begging for change, so man up and tell Congress NO. If you want to fix the economy then cut government waste and abuse instead of opening the door to even more. Hold to your promises and don't let Congress pork up everything that crosses your desk. Take responsibility for what you sign and stop blaming Bush for what you inherited because you asked for the job to fix this country so do it. Also, the next time you invite someone to the White House try acting like the leader of the free world and not a third world sycophant. I am betting Chavez would have give a more meaningful gift than a DVD set (was it at least Blu-ray?).

Let's hear how you all are feeling out there about the President and how things are going. I give him six months before he has similar numbers to Bush because nothing he is doing is going to a truly positive effect on the economy and might even lead us deeper into recession. The American public has always been about the economy and if you don't deliver they will turn on you. See Bush and his final year or so. It was never enough to just keep them safe.


  1. Hello Sandy.

    I read somewhere that the economy is taking up all of Barack's time and is making him sick. In the head sick.

    I think the economy will continue to crater. They are trying to reflate housing and that won't work until all houses hit a bottom with foreclosures.

    I said last year in a post that you couldn't pay me enough money to be the next president.

  2. Beebs,

    I would have to agree with you on the continued decline in the economy, which is centered around the housing market for the average American. If we would have provide some direct assistance to them vice propping up stupid lenders we would have had this thing stabilized months ago. Instead, we keep pouring billions into AIG and Citi to what end? The President just does get it that if people are worried about their jobs and losing their houses, they aren't going out and buying a bunch of stuff thus keeping the downward spiral going. Plus, most of the crap available in the market today isn't made here, so even if they did go out and buy stuff it wouldn't help as much as the President seems to think. The Democrats don't understand that self licking ice cream cone economy hasn't and won't work.