Monday, March 23, 2009

Another Weekend and another round of BS

Sunday is supposed to be about relaxing and getting ready for another week of fun, but lately it has been the day the Democrats trot out the BS machines and tell us that no matter what anyone else says they have the keys to the magic kingdom of prosperity in the form of government spending. I stopped believing that fairy tale in the 80's.

I am glad to see that the President has time to bowl, hit the late night shows and do 60 Minutes. I am also glad that he still has his humor because he is the only one laughing. His budget is not likely to pass because Congress is seeing that what they do does have consequences. The American public is not going to sit idly by and let the Obama gang run this country completely into the ground. Sure they were willing to give him the benefit of the doubt on the stimulus package and the huge spending bill, but the free ride is at an end.

Do you know what brought about the change? The bonuses that make up 0.001% of the money given to AIG. The American public has had enough and is pulling the purse strings closed. President Obama the crisis and the associated panic didn't last long enough for you to bankrupt this country, Thank God. You are now mortal and you are going to find it very tough sledding to push through any more government fraud and abuse. It was a good run for you and your moron buddies on the Hill, but the public is now saying the buck stops here.

I wish it would have happened sooner, but now is much better than later and maybe we are in time to save this country from utter collapse. I am not saying that there won't be some very dark times ahead, but it will be something that we will be able to recover from. Plus, President Obama will now have to deal honestly with all of Congress and the we won attitude will have to be checked at the door. Compromise is not a bad thing when the end goal is what is best for this country. Congress better remember who their true bosses are and leave the special interests behind. They better tighten their belts like everyone else and start cutting the wasteful spending.

I know we need a better health care plan, but that doesn't mean putting it under the government. We need to make laws and regulations that help the average American and small businesses. We need to do something to fix our failing schools that doesn't reward poor performance (including teachers). We need a truly domestic energy plan that includes all of the above and stop this crazy cap and trade BS. Sure there are things that this country needs, but we need to meet those needs the old fashion American way vice the European Socialist way that has brought Europe to its collective knees.

If you have ideas lets hear them. You know me, I am always up for fresh and innovative ways to tackle an issue. I am all for drilling, nuclear power, windmills, geo-thermal, and cow farts if it will mean an end to supplying the Middle East with billions of our hard earned dollars. So put on your thinking caps and write your Congressman and tell them exactly what you think. Let them know that they are on thin ice if they keep wasting your money.

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