Monday, March 30, 2009

What the Heck!

Since when does the President of the United States decide who runs a business. Sure they took federal dollars and opened the door, but I would think the President would have better things to worry about. Also, I find it beyond outrageous that Pres. Obama can ask a guy working for $1 a year to step down when the Union Boss that will not budge is allowed to continue to loot the Treasury. We need this madness to stop. I have joined the Glenn Beck 912 Project to add my voice to those conservatives that feel trampled under foot by Washington.

It is just getting started and is trying to be a non-partisan conservative voice, but there are a few liberals that muck up the works. There is a lot of outrage out there and Glenn is trying to lend a voice to this outrage. There is a lot of support for Tea Parties and a section to allow you to vent. It is a decent discussion of today's events and how Congress and the President are spending this country down the river. Take a look. I advocate for the same things you have seen here, term limits and cleaning up Washington. There are a lot of other ideas as well and you can add your own to the mix. There is talk of a third party, but that is more hot air than anything else. I would like to see a new party emerge, but I just can see it at this point unless this thing really takes off.

I hope this week we will see more and more push back on the crazy and wasteful spending. I also hope to see an end to Congress, the Treasury Sec. and the President being allowed to willfully and maliciously over step their Constitutional bounds. I won't hold my breath considering that the President dismissed the head of GM, while allowing the Union Boss to stay in place. If you are stepping out why not go all the way. Lets hear what you have to say and what you think we need to do to stop this run away train of deficit spending.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

And Another Thing...

As I look at my last post, I get angrier and angrier because it is more than obvious to the casual observer that a whole hell of a lot of our tax dollars are not going to Wall Street to save them from sub-prime mortgages. The whole idea that the reason for the current situation is all these defaulted on mortgages is ludicrous because if you do that math there is absolutely no way that is possible. So what are our tax dollars really doing?

From what I can gather is they are paying off the people that bought gambling insurance from AIG. It is funny that these guys got rich buying and selling derivatives that are back by nothing, but when they started to lose their shirts they cashed in on their insurance provided by AIG. The problem is AIG never collected enough premiums to cover the policies, so they were rapidly tapped out. So what to do, I know ask the American taxpayer to pony up the rest.

This is an insane idea and the funny thing about this whole mess is the guys that are suffering aren't the morons that allowed this to take place, but the hard working American taxpayers. AIG should have failed, plain and simple. It would have sent shock waves around the world, but the good parts of the company would have been sold off and the bad parts would have dissolved. But, if that had happened the gamblers would have lost billions and their buddies in Washington refused to let that happen. Is it any wonder that the rest of us can see this so clearly, but the Wall Street insiders can't. You can't really blame them because they are only human and who wants to lose their shirt on bad investments fueled by greed.

It is time we the public stand up and say enough is enough. We are tapped out as well and in case you haven't heard it is getting tougher and tougher to sell our debt, just ask England and Germany. What happens when the T Bills are auctioned and there are no buyers? We have a huge increase in the interest rate that will accelerate a National Debt accumulation and thus the spiral continues. How do we see our way clear of this? We allow Obama and the Congress to spend our way to prosperity? I think not.

If you haven't been watching what Congress is doing with the budget, I suggest you take the time to look into it. For all the talk of a Democrat revolt on spending, which by the way is not happening, they are still considering the largest increases in government spending EVER! We need to drive some sanity into this Congress any way we can. We need to put a free on new spending of any kind and reduce current spending. We need to formulate a plan to pay down the National Debt (I recommend the Federal Sales Tax). We need to maintain our known revenue stream and not monkey with taxes until we see a light at the end of the tunnel. These are things that need to be pushed if we want to bring this country out of recession.

If we want to push this country further into the ground all we need to do is approve this budget and start taxing the crap out of the job makers. Oh wait, that is the President's current plan. Oh yeah! Are you ready to grab the pitchforks and torches yet? I will point you towards Glen Becks 9/12 project as a good place to start or join one of the hundreds of Tea Parties that are going to happen on April 15th. Write your Congressman and let them know that you are mad as hell and you aren't going to take it anymore.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Short End of the Stick Again

Here we go again with giving the taxpayers the short end of the stick when it comes to fixing the economy. The new Obama plan is to lure private investor to buy toxic assets by putting all the risk on the taxpayer. This sounds just wonderful and he will get very few takers because of last weeks AIG fiasco. Sure there will be some investors looking to cash in because they will have nothing to lose and can make a nice profit if they get to keep it. The only thing AIG fiasco did was prove how incompetent the Congress is at running the economy and if you climb into bed with the feds you never know what you are going to come away with.

If some private investor makes a huge profit on this scheme is the government suddenly going to decide that it needs a bigger piece of the profit because it assumed all the risk? How can anyone guess at this point because Congress is all over the map and running on emotion vice good solid principle. No one has been thinking anything through for the last six months and the economy is showing the scars and the tax payers are fed up. Why don't be reduce the tax payers exposure to risk and put the burden back on the gamblers that brought this crisis about. There are other ways to get people to invest that don't include the taxpayer. How about zero capital gains tax on profits made on "toxic assets"? How about a tax break for companies that buy up these toxic assets?

There are ways of doing things that doesn't involve the government directly, plus after they screwed the pooch on AIG no one is going to want to play with them (Lucy & Charlie Brown scenario over and over). If this plan goes South as many believe it will then what? The taxpayer gets to foot the bill in trillions of dollars, which would mean more taxes for everyone or another economic collapse worse than the current one. I wonder how many houses the government could have bought for the $5 trillion and counting that it has already thrown down the toilet. Lets do the math:

5,000,000,000,000/250,000 (an average home price)=2,000,000 homes

Think about this, if they had done the home owner college type loan program, we probably could have saved every home from foreclosure and prevent the market collapse that has smoked so many retirement accounts, stopped consumer spending, increased unemployment and tanked the housing market. Sure reality needed to visit the housing market, but it could have been a lot less radical. Lets do the math again with the idea of the college type loan program:

5,000,000,000,000/10,000 (couple of years of mortgage difference)=500,000,000 homes

That is right 500 million homes could have been saved, which is way more than the possible default mortgages considering that there are only 300+ million people in America and not everyone owns a home and only a small percentage of those are in default. You figure it out.

The gamblers on Wall Street lost and now the taxpayer is footing the bill. Lets hear what you have to say on the matter.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Another Weekend and another round of BS

Sunday is supposed to be about relaxing and getting ready for another week of fun, but lately it has been the day the Democrats trot out the BS machines and tell us that no matter what anyone else says they have the keys to the magic kingdom of prosperity in the form of government spending. I stopped believing that fairy tale in the 80's.

I am glad to see that the President has time to bowl, hit the late night shows and do 60 Minutes. I am also glad that he still has his humor because he is the only one laughing. His budget is not likely to pass because Congress is seeing that what they do does have consequences. The American public is not going to sit idly by and let the Obama gang run this country completely into the ground. Sure they were willing to give him the benefit of the doubt on the stimulus package and the huge spending bill, but the free ride is at an end.

Do you know what brought about the change? The bonuses that make up 0.001% of the money given to AIG. The American public has had enough and is pulling the purse strings closed. President Obama the crisis and the associated panic didn't last long enough for you to bankrupt this country, Thank God. You are now mortal and you are going to find it very tough sledding to push through any more government fraud and abuse. It was a good run for you and your moron buddies on the Hill, but the public is now saying the buck stops here.

I wish it would have happened sooner, but now is much better than later and maybe we are in time to save this country from utter collapse. I am not saying that there won't be some very dark times ahead, but it will be something that we will be able to recover from. Plus, President Obama will now have to deal honestly with all of Congress and the we won attitude will have to be checked at the door. Compromise is not a bad thing when the end goal is what is best for this country. Congress better remember who their true bosses are and leave the special interests behind. They better tighten their belts like everyone else and start cutting the wasteful spending.

I know we need a better health care plan, but that doesn't mean putting it under the government. We need to make laws and regulations that help the average American and small businesses. We need to do something to fix our failing schools that doesn't reward poor performance (including teachers). We need a truly domestic energy plan that includes all of the above and stop this crazy cap and trade BS. Sure there are things that this country needs, but we need to meet those needs the old fashion American way vice the European Socialist way that has brought Europe to its collective knees.

If you have ideas lets hear them. You know me, I am always up for fresh and innovative ways to tackle an issue. I am all for drilling, nuclear power, windmills, geo-thermal, and cow farts if it will mean an end to supplying the Middle East with billions of our hard earned dollars. So put on your thinking caps and write your Congressman and tell them exactly what you think. Let them know that they are on thin ice if they keep wasting your money.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Who would have thought...

One has to wonder what all the fuss is about over the AIG bonuses because it isn't like the government has any control over the money that it is giving to these companies since they failed to put any precautions into the monster bailout bills. Should we be surprised that companies that aren't forced into bankruptcy don't act like they are bankrupt. Really if we are so pissed about how these companies are wasting our tax dollars then we should have used our heads to begin with and treated the bailouts in the same manner as a bankruptcy re-organization with all the associated rules and checks. Since we didn't, we get business as usual and then get pissed about it. If your Congressman didn't bother to read the bailout bills then who is to blame? Sure they are but are we not responsible for putting them there and expecting so little in return?

The easy answer to this problem is to take the time before the next bailout check is written to sit down and make some serious rules on how the company is to handle the funds and base them on bankruptcy laws already available. The reason the President is so pissed is that he is seeing his grand scheme going up in flames as the public final say enough of this BS spending. We might finally be seeing the end of a very dark tunnel where trillions of your dollars have been wasted. We can no longer allow this Congress to keep writing checks on money they won't have for a generation or two. We need to rise up and say enough and let the chips fall where they may. It appears the only time Congress will even think twice about wasting your tax dollars is when the pitchforks and torches come out over an issue.

The Democrats are already worrying about what is going to happen in 2010 and well they should because whether they like it or not they are the writers and President Obama is the signer of all this pork laden stupidity that is going to get them tossed out on their collective butts just like 1994. The public always thinks that it wants social programs until the tax bills start rolling in and then they have a change of heart. Who wants to work their butt off, so some one who isn't get free money from the government? I tell you no one and that is why when Republicans stood for fiscal responsibility and smaller government they won elections, but when they became Democrat-lite they got their butts handed to them.

Maybe America will once again rise up against the tax and spend Democrats in 2010, but the Republicans that benefit better be mindful of why they are being chosen and not repeat the mistakes of the last 8 years. This is a pivotal time in America because we need a new champion of fiscal responsibility and smaller government, but I don't see Ronnie standing in the wings this time.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Funny Thing

Have you heard the latest, the economy is fundamentally sound and that America is a good investment. Funny thing about this is that when a Republican said it six months ago he was hounded by the press and Democrats to no end. They said that he was out of touch and knew nothing about what was happening, but now that the President has signed away our grand kids future things are just ducky. The economy has always had strong fundamentals. The people wanting to change them are the ones now clinging to them, lest they drown in their own stupidity. The free market does work, but it does need some looking after since it is run by human beings. We need to make sure that people are not taken advantage of and that the greedy criminal types are kept in check, but otherwise the market sorts things out.

Do you really think that AIG would have been paying out those bonuses if they had to file bankruptcy? Everyone says we couldn't let them fail, but do we really know that? What about the car companies? If they had restructured six months ago and told the UAW where to get off, would they still be at the door of Congress begging for more handouts. I have to give it to Ford because they were able to see this train wreck coming and planned ahead. They aren't begging for a bailout. The Bush administration opened the door to this circus, but it is time to fold up the tent and let the market decided who survives. Stop the bailouts now! Let companies enter bankruptcy and restructure. Let the strong buy the pieces. If the government really wanted to help then they should have helped the home owner, but that train has left the station.

So far, we have poured a couple trillion dollars into the market to no avail. Let the dust settle and then use our heads. What we don't need is more government action and certainly no additional programs or taxes. We need things to stabilize and start moving upward again. I know that the President can't allow this to happen because if it did there is no way his socialist agenda would ever get passed. The President isn't going to let the current crisis end until his agenda is passed and can't be undone. Sure there are nice ideas in there, but at what cost and with what money? Do you really want the federal government, the same people in charge of Social Security, in charge of your health care and education?

Say what you want, but I believe we would be better off allowing the market to decide who survives and who parishes. People have already lost huge chunks of their retirement, so why are we going to let the government steal the rest. You can decide for yourself if you think the President is doing what is right for this country, but I already know that we are heading for a much deeper recession if we continue to allow Congress to spend away our grand kids future.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

You might have noticed...

I am kinda PO'd about the wonderful job the new President and his fellow Democrats are doing to run this country into the ground. I have to sling a little mud on a few Republicans as well since they were bought and paid for with pork. I can only hope that the people they represent find it in their hearts to toss them out on their collective butts. Of course the Republican Party can't do it since they are not allowed to run any new candidate against an incumbent according to the bylaws.

This is the very problem with Congress today. If your Congressman sucks you have to look to the other party as your only alternative because their party won't/can't give you another choice. This is why we need a third party that is truly viable to break the two party monopoly on Congress. It would force better accountability on each and every Congressman if they knew that their dumb decisions could come back to haunt them.

Just think about those Republicans and Democrats that have made Congress a complete circus because they come from historically one party areas they keep getting re-elected. The public isn't allowed another choice. If you had another party that could run a candidate with a background like the historical one or more in the middle, we could actually see real change in Congress and maybe some improvement.

Hell we could take 535 people off the street today that would have more common sense and do a better job then the yahoos that are there now. Just something to think about as Congress spends our grand kids money. Let me hear what you think. I am still really pissed at the way the President breaks promises and thinks people won't realize that it is his name at the bottom of the page. History is going to see his name at the bottom of all this crap and judge accordingly.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Hail to the Porker!

Way to go Mr. President, you have single handily spent triple what President Bush did in only a couple of weeks. Sure you can try to blame this spending on Bush, but guess what your name is on the bottom line not his. Do you really think we are going to remember your lame excuse about this being last years business when you have completely bankrupted this country. You might have thought better of whipping out your pen and signing off on another big old junk of pork if you thought the public was any smarter than you Democrats believe. Maybe I am the one that is out of touch with America and think people will hold you guys accountable for running this country into the ground in only two months. Enjoy the next four months because that is all you are going to get before people start marching on Washington demanding relief from your steady stream of taxes and deficit spending. Wishful thinking on my part because lets be honest you have them in the palm of your hand and are leading them by the nose. You have the press in your pocket and soon there will be no free press to oppose you. I think I will head to Venezuela where at least the dictator is funny.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Credibility is in short supply in Washington and President Obama is using up any he has left with each passing day and new socialist program he rolls out. He says no earmarks for his administration and so far the two pieces of funding handed to him by Congress have been stuff full of them. His excuse is that these are hold overs from the last administration and not his fault. What a complete crock, if you tried that one with the Eng on something in the logs he would first laugh himself silly and then look you in the eye and point to you where you relieved the watch. President Obama you have the deck and the conn, so man up and do the right thing.

In case President Obama didn't get the memo, he is the leader of the free world and should act like it. The fact that Gordon Brown is not a splashy guy or will garner him any favor with the European Socialist has zero to do with the fact that you don't give the leader of our only true ally in the war on terror a box set of DVDs as a state gift. What the F%&$? If you weren't ready for a State visit then put it off, but to do it half a$$ed is beyond what the world expects of the most powerful nation on earth whether any one likes it or not. It isn't the Germans, French, or Brits, it is the good old US of A and we need to make sure that we don't go around acting like a pauper just to win the approval of those guys. Sure, we are doing everything we can to adopt their social policies and transform this country from a country of innovators to one of beggars, but acting all weak and timid is just going to get us kicked in the stones by the terrorist to see if we are willing to do anything about it.

President Obama, you need to up your credibility to match your talking points or you are going to have a very long short presidency. The public wants to believe you are different and is begging for change, so man up and tell Congress NO. If you want to fix the economy then cut government waste and abuse instead of opening the door to even more. Hold to your promises and don't let Congress pork up everything that crosses your desk. Take responsibility for what you sign and stop blaming Bush for what you inherited because you asked for the job to fix this country so do it. Also, the next time you invite someone to the White House try acting like the leader of the free world and not a third world sycophant. I am betting Chavez would have give a more meaningful gift than a DVD set (was it at least Blu-ray?).

Let's hear how you all are feeling out there about the President and how things are going. I give him six months before he has similar numbers to Bush because nothing he is doing is going to a truly positive effect on the economy and might even lead us deeper into recession. The American public has always been about the economy and if you don't deliver they will turn on you. See Bush and his final year or so. It was never enough to just keep them safe.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Welcome Back

Is it time to bust out the disco records and bell bottoms? Something seems vaguely familiar about what is happening in Washington and it isn't good. The baby boomers were too high to remember the bad old days of Carter and the rampant unemployment, high interests rates and sky high inflation brought on by big brother helping hand government. It took Reagan to turn the country around and set us back on the path of smaller government and lower taxes. It took decades to reduce the entitlement mentality in Washington, but we have now opened the flood gates once again.

I said last week that President Obama's idea of blaming earmarks and huge budgets as leftovers is just plain lying. He and his cronies adopted the bills and the 2010 budget even goes further into big brother government. Having a President that thinks electricity is too cheap and the government needs to put an end to it is beyond stupid. Who do you think it is going to hurt more the millionaire or the minimum wage earner? This is the Democrats doing what they always do. They claim to come to help, but in the end the most vulnerable end up suffering the most. Who becomes unemployed first the millionaire or the minimum wage earner? Who is most likely to lose their home? Who is most likely to have to decide whether it will be food or heat?

This is your Congress here to help and just like Squadron, it is usually far more painful than helpful. You want to help, then tell the Congress to stop wasting our tax dollars and start cutting spending. Reform bloated entitlement program that waste huge amount of tax dollars on layer after layer of government bureaucracy. This is only going to get worse before the public final wakes up and sees that it must hold these people responsible for their spendthrift ways. The Republican party needs to issue an official statement apologizing for the Bush years of deficit spending and corruption. They need to unite under a binding agreement to once again be fiscal hawks and reformers. Earning back America's trust is going to be a step by step process, but they must come clean and start naming names and policing themselves.

We are in for some seriously rough times ahead and just pray that we are able to reverse the policies before they become too ingrained.