Monday, February 23, 2009

Stimulus, yeah right

Another week and still more gum flapping about President Obama and the great Democrat give away. The latest is that certain Republican governors don't want the handout if it means taking the federal strings attached. Who could blame them, right? Oh there is plenty of blame being thrown around and claims of racism. If you don't take the handout and then keep the federal funded programs going after the federal money dries up (as it surely will) then you are hurting black people. This is a ridiculous argument, but it has already been made and will continue to be made unless you take the handout and pass it on regardless of future consequences.

This is the problem with the Democratic Party and has been it Achilles heal for decades now. It is great to pay off your base in big and grandiose ways when the cameras are rolling, but when the rubber hits the road you cut of funding for those big expensive Washington mandates. Of course, they never remove the mandate and then force the states to magically come up with the money to pay for their generosity. Here are four guys that are saying they can't afford to be so stupid again, but I am sure that they will be bullied into taking the money by the liberal press and free spending Congress.

States should have every right to control their own budgets and if they have a short fall they should do what everyone else has to do, cut spending or earn more money. No one and I mean no one wants to pay higher taxes because we know that most of the time the money is pissed away by the politicians. The federal government and state governments need to clearly define where each dollar is coming from and where each dollar is going, so the people can decide if they are willing to pay for it. Of course this would never work because that would cause people not to want to pay for silly little pet projects or roads to nowhere.

We need to force accountability of where our money is going and then decide if we are willing to pay for it with our hard earned dollars. This is the transparency that is totally lacking in Washington and a lot of states. Do you know where your state tax dollars are going? I like nice roads, but there has to be solid data behind road improvement and build. We can no longer afford to build things, so politicians can get re-elected. Let me here what you think and how we can force transparency unto Congress.

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