Thursday, February 26, 2009

Spending Bill or Just Plain Pork

The President isn't impressing me with his fiscal responsibility, since he allowed Congress to pork up the "Stimulus" bill and now he is letting them do it again with the latest spending bill. The explanation is that these are hold over bills and that we will be fiscally responsible next time. What a crock! If you want to set standards you do it the first time around or you never will. This is exactly what I expected out of this President and Congress.

They will continue to blame Bush for every thing and saying the pork laden bills Obama is signing aren't his fault and that the American public can expect better the next time. This is the wife beater mentality and we are the wives getting the crap beat out of us on a routine basis. Until we stand up to them and throw them out of office or march on Washington with pitchforks and torches nothing is going to change because as long as we allow it they will keep doing it. This is not a party thing at all because in 1994, we threw the bums out only to get a new set under a different name and the last two elections were a feeble attempt to do the same.

The American public needs to get off their gigantic fat asses and start forcing the Congress to take notice that their precious jobs are in jeopardy if they continue their spend thrift ways. The pet projects can no longer be tolerated because it leads to graft and corruption, plus it is a waste of tax payer dollars. Think about how much could be done locally if you weren't being taxed at the federal level for things of local interest. Do you really think adding several layers of bureaucracy makes this cheaper? Plus, if your local politicians don't have the stones to ask people to pay for stuff they want, then they shouldn't ask the rest of America to pay for it.

As you can tell, I am pretty PO over how the government is wasting tax dollars they don't even have. What ever happened to balanced budgets and spending only what you actually have or better know in the past as fiscal responsibility. Lets hear what you think and if you think there is anyway to get the message to Washington to clean up their act.


  1. We are going to see the government spend money like drunken sailors (yikes!) over the next four years.

    I have been giving it some thought and here's what I don't understand: Where is all the money coming from?

    Foreign sources have to be tapped out. Bond yields are low, maybe it is coming out of the stock market into the bond market.

    I read Prudent Bear's Credit Bubble weekly bulletin. Very informative.

  2. beebs,

    I personally think that the money doesn't exist and we are looking at the start of a cycle of hyper inflation to keep up with the growing national debt. China is still buying our debt, but our national rating is going to slip, which means the rate is going to shooot through the roof.

  3. I agree with you!
    Check out: