Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Presidential Address

I have to say in all honesty that I didn't watch the speech because I can't stand the campaign type rhetoric that is being pushed on the masses. I did watch a recast of the response and Axelrod's BS interview. The Gov of LA did not impress me in any way and isn't dynamic enough to go up against the Great BS'r. The Republicans need to stop playing the blame game and start providing the public with detail plans on how they are going to be different from the last group of bozos that were Democrat Lite. We need to build on a solid foundation that had served the party well for so many years, smaller government, lower taxes and personal responsibility for everyone including Congress. We can't keep pointing fingers at the Democrats and saying they are bad because the public had a big old taste of crappy Republicans and spit them out, so until you apologize and give them patently new they are going to keep their distance from the Republican Party.

As for Axelrod's interview and how he answered the question on transparency on the big stimulus bill. He blamed the bill on the last administration, saying that it was left over business from the previous Congress. This is complete BS since Pelosi said that they wrote it and it is their bill. The President is already planning his exit strategy from its failure to help the economy by saying it was a leftover, but if it succeeds he will be the first in line to take full credit, typical politician. In case you didn't know this will not be the last of the stimulus bills because this one provided little in the way of stimulus, so standby for another whopper in the near future. It will probably come in the form of some banking assistance, but will end up being just another pork filled toilet into which your tax dollars will be flushed.

I can only hope that the economy will be able to shake off the current stupidity and move forward in spite of the fumbling and graft on the Congress and the President. I am not so sure and if they keep running down the American brand then this will be a return to the late 70's. We are America and we can do anything, but we need the government to stay out of our way and out of our pockets. Roosevelt talked a great game and spent huge sums of money, but the Great Depression continued on for years and years. Reagan communicated well and cut government spending and taxes, which quickly put an end to what was the worst economy since the Great Depression. Obama should take a hint from Reagan and not Roosevelt.

I know a lot of you hate the direction this country is headed. I would like to know what you think and what you are doing to weather Hurricane Obama and his Democrat Posse.

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