Wednesday, February 18, 2009

New Life

Sorry for being off line for so long, but I have been making the transition to my new life and location. I was without connectivity for a long time and with all the new requirements I will only be blogging about once a week. You will still be able to enjoy my insanity just not a frequently.

What can I say about the stimulus package that hasn't been said over and over already. This will end up sinking the Obama presidency just like Iraq took down President Bush, right or wrong. The American people hate government waste and if there aren't drastic result quickly then come 2010 we are going to have a 1994 moment in Congress. We need to stop whining about the package because it is already signed and we need to provide laser insight and oversight to how the money is being spent. We the people have every right to hold our elected officials feet to the fire on how this money is use (or most likely misused).

President Obama is finding out that Washington is a very slippery place and campaign promises fall faster than GM stock. GM and Chrysler are back with hat in hand, but with zero union concessions. So what is Congress to do? Are they going to hold back the funds needed to keep these companies afloat even though they can't prove that even with this next round of handouts they will be anymore viable. Does Congress force the UAW to the table? I have to say that pigs will sprout wings before that is going to happen. This could sour the rest of the country on this Congress and hasten its exit in 2010, if they let the UAW continue to suck billions from the rest of us to support a country club lifestyle for their membership.

It is funny how the economy seems stable until President Obama or one of his flunkies opens their pie holes. We have a Treasury Sec that has zero idea of what to do, but does know that it is going to take considerably more than $350 billion to do it. We have a President that says without this huge pork laden bill the economy would enter a death spiral from which there is no recovery. These two are really building confidence in the future and reassurance that it is okay to buy that new car or house. I personally am paying everything off and saving as much as I can because I am going to have a huge tax bill in the near future. Ronny had it right, you cut taxes combined with cutting government spending. That formula fuels growth and strengthens the dollar. Tax hikes (they are still coming as the Bush cuts expire) and huge government spending only leads to inflation and unemployment.

I like the private sector and look forward to seeing how the other 90% of Americans live. It is amazing that there are only about 20 million veterans in America today. It is no wonder why they are so willing to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. I can only hope that the Afghanistan surge is as effective as the Iraqi surge, but I think that Pakistan is going to screw that up by allowing a Taliban safe haven in the NW. These are perilous times and we must pay the cost, but this is an American effort not just a military one and the sacrifice needs to be spread to all Americans. Don't ask me how at this point because I just don't know, but I am still leaning towards a Federal Sales Tax to reduce the National Debt.

I guess that is enough for now. Please forgive the gap and the sparse postings in advance, but know that I am always thinking and enjoy your comments.

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