Friday, January 9, 2009

William Perry

I guess that I am in good company of sorts because former Sec Def Perry agrees that "It seems clear that Israel will not sit by idle while Iran takes the final steps toward becoming a nuclear power." So all of you that thought I was pulling this out of my ass there you have proof that I am not as far off my rocker as one might have thought.

In a related subject, as things continue to good badly for Iranian proxy Hamas, how long until they get the northern front into full swing. Israel has zero incentive to stop pounding the crap out of the Gaza and will continue to do so until the people there throw off there terrorist government. I am will Israel on this one and the rest of the world can line up to kiss their collective butts because as they sit safely in their comfortable homes, rockets continue to fall in Israel. War is hell and people die, plain and simple. We should understand that from our little trips to Europe and the Pacific, but the media thinks certain people groups (Jews) should be allowed to die, while all other people groups are off limits. This is absurd and I for one am glad to see that the Israelis aren't listening to their babble.

I'll say it again, if rockets were falling into US territory anywhere in the world we would not stop until we were assured that they would never fall again. Israel has that right and since the terrorist are an elected government they have every right to wage war against that government. Additionally, Israel goes above and beyond to protect civilian lives, while their enemy purposely puts its own civilians at risk in illegal and immoral practices. Storing, assembling, and shooting ordnance from schools, hospitals, and mosques. Life is hard when you are stupid.

Let's hear what you think. I am always willing to answer to the public.


  1. From Greenwald, Salon:

    "World concern over, and opposition to, the Israeli war in Gaza is rapidly mounting:

    International pressure intensified sharply on Israel on Thursday, the 13th day of its Gaza assault, after the United Nations suspended food aid deliveries, the International Committee of the Red Cross accused the Israelis of knowingly blocking assistance to the injured, and a top Vatican official defended comments in which he compared Gaza to a concentration camp.

    The Israelis have deliberately made it impossible to know the full extent of the carnage and humanitarian disasters because they continue to prevent journalists from entering Gaza even in the face of a now week-old Israeli Supreme Court order compelling them to do so."
    The Gazans voted in Hamas as their governing body. How does Hamas stop the carnage? Does any government control terrorists who are embedded in society.

    Good for Wm. Perry. Now that we have his sanction, we can hit Iran with abandon, eh?

    pacifist, anarchist.

  2. beebs,
    All I am saying is that Israel is no longer going to be restained or constrained by the US, especially with Obama at the helm. My prediction that Israel is seriously planning on bombing Iran was right on the money and it will only be a matter of time. I am willing to bet they will dare Obama to shoot down their planes on the return trip from Iran.