Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Like the Energizer Bunny

Well there are two things going on in the world that remind me of that pesky little drum beating bunny. The first is Israel kicking the crap out of the Gaza, which isn't going to stop any time soon because Hamas loves the publicity from getting its ass kicked on world wide TV. The second is the government blowing through tax dollars like there is no tomorrow. The Democrats want to get their greedy little mitts on the second $350 billion right now, but have done zero to ensure that they will have better accountability of how it is spent or if it will help home owners as originally intended.

Israel is going to continue the offensive until the rockets stop flying regardless of world opinion and that is how Israel rolls. Iran better watch its back because if Bush wouldn't let the bombs fly on his watch you know Obama sure and the hell isn't going to let it happen on his watch. Israel has no choice but to go it alone and at this point what difference will it really make in world opinion. If I were Iran I would keep and eye to the skies.

As for our wonderful Congress, you would have thought they would have learned their lesson after pissing away the first $350 billion, but oh no they just want to keep throwing your tax money at their benefactors to keep the campaign donations coming in. Unless we the public stand up to them they will piss away the other $350 billion as well. We will have nothing to show for it and people will still be losing their homes. This is what happens when career politicians get their paws on a big stack of unaccountable cash. One second it is there and the next it is gone with zero to show for it, but the public is still hurting with no end in sight. The politicians solution is to authorize another huge stack of cash they don't have to continue to stimulate the economy. This is in no way fiscal responsibility and makes zero sense, instead of finding news ways to waste your tax dollars they should be taking the time to figure out a real solution to the problem and then removing the government impediments to progress. It won't take billions/trillions of tax dollars to jump start the economy, but rather remove the crazy government mandates and pay of the national debt to make the dollar stronger.

There you have it in a nut shell. I am too pissed to even think about how badly the new Congress is going to screw us. As for Israel, you go and kick the shit out the Gaza and then pound Iran for all they are worth since we are too much of pansy to help you. If you have comments lets hear them.

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  1. The bailout of failing banks is exactly what we should not be doing.]

    Let them fail, and stronger hands take over.