Monday, December 22, 2008

What You Get for Your Bailout Dollars

If you haven't seen this one you might just be surprised. It seems that the banks and financial companies that received at least a billion plus have no idea as to how our tax dollars are being spent or worse yet they refuse to tell. Congress is doing a bang up job at protecting the tax payers of this country. They have successfully flushed $350 billion of your tax dollars down the toilet and no one is accountable for it.

I am sure that Congress will blame Bush for letting his minions waste the bailout money, but Congress is also to blame. They promised us oversight and controls, so this would not happen, but we get what we deserve for allowing the same guys that allowed it to happen to be in charge of cleaning it up. Now we've tripled the national debt and have nothing to show for our trouble. I haven't seen the public outrage yet and who knows if the MSM will ever report the truth.

Welcome to the new America where there is zero accountability and even worse management of your tax dollars. If you think the new Congress is going to be better I have some land in FL to sell. Lets here what you think about this latest raping of the American tax payer.


  1. Bush has been top loading the economy with money, to no good effect. When Obama takes over, he and the Congress will begin to bottom load the economy with even more money.

    There will be inflation. If it is only 500% or so before stabilizing, we will be lucky and many problems will be solved. I think it will be much larger and totally uncontrollable. We just have to wait and see. I don't think the process can be stopped now.

  2. I figure there will not be inflation.
    The US is still destroying dollars through collapsing home and stock prices.

    War destroys capital, that is another consideration.

  3. Wow, two differeing opinions about the future of the economy. It is no wonder that the public is getting screwed because no one knows what the hell is going on and no one in charge does either.

    It is something to keep our eyes on over the next few months, but I don't suspect that there will be any disclosure because it will make the yahoos in Washington look as stupid as they seem to be.

  4. I fear for our nation either way, deflation or inflation.

    Since when has GM or Chrysler been a national consideration? Let them fail, let stronger arms pick up the pieces.

    Listening to "Turning Japanese" by the Knacks.