Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Random Thought About Caylee

Something has always struck me as not right about the whole Caylee Anthony situation. The grandparents seem to be completely involved in the situation and know everything that is going on, but they didn't see anything wrong with the kid being missing for almost a month?

I have a funny feeling that there is something going on with the grandparents because it is completely amazing that they didn't know the kid was missing for a month and you know what they say if something is too amazing to be true then it isn't.

I am not trying to stir up the waters, but the dumb ass mother isn't likely to have pulled this off on her own and no casual sex partner is going to help you hide the body of your dead child. This only leaves someone that has a vested interest in not seeing the mother get the needle. I can see how a parent would want to protect their child and not see them die for their mistake, even if that mistake was killing their grandchild.

The whole story is not in on this one and it bears watching. If this POS didn't want the kid there are plenty of loving families that would have taken her. This story is sad beyond belief and it will only get worse when the facts really start coming out.

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  1. I was with my parents in Iowa when the body was recovered. I told my dad, "What mother would kill her own child?" Think of it. My daughter is 19, and I cannot imagine ever killing my wife or her.

    No sane mother would kill her child. She needs a lot of mental health care, not judicial punishment.