Monday, December 29, 2008

Israel Flexing Its Muscles

If someone was firing 100 rockets a day into any city in America, we would wipe whomever from the face of the Earth in a heartbeat. So, why is there so much issue with Israel doing the exact same thing? The Israelis have a legitimate issue with Hamas and the occupants of the Gaza Strip, so they are finally doing something about it. They have not, as yet, rolled the tanks in and completely leveled the place. They still might and have every right to do so. The world is outraged that they are killing so many people, but it is war and people die.

That is one of the things the news agencies have all forgotten, that war equals lots of dead people. We have become accustomed to quick and clean wars where only soldiers die and civilians are protected from all harm at the cost of more soldiers. This is completely stupid because wars should be painful for the aggressors and their civilian supporters. Governments don't wake up one day and decide against the will of their people to start a war. They wage war with the consent of the populous and if that populous has nothing invested in the war they will continue to support it or like us Americans ignore it. But, if you make the cost of waging war the possibility of losing your life then support quickly evaporates. Yeah, there are lasting effects of decimating a civilian population, but there arealso good examples like Germany and Japan.

Failure to make war painful for the population only causes more wars because if only soldiers die then they will get more soldiers. But, if war is a daily life or death decision, then people have a tendency to not be so quick to rush into war. Israel had endured the rocket strikes long enough, so they figured the cost was worth it and this may be the precursor to much bigger things. They figure now is the time to clean house and their whole population is well aware of the costs. They will have to totally destroy the opposition and that isn't limited to the Gaza Strip. They have to destroy the support for these terrorists by making the cost way more than the return. Iran better watch its back because Israel is on the move.

Israel has played nice up to this point by only killing the terrorist, but life isn't good in the GS and is only going to get worse until the people rise up against the terrorists and throw off the yoke of oppression. Watch and see if the Israel doesn't keep this up until the people of the Strip stop the rockets, sue for peace and Hamas is no more. Let me hear what you think on the matter.


  1. You are a good writer. I agree with much of what you said.

    Israel is violating the Geneva Convention #4 to protect civilian populations in time of war.

    Gaza is under siege. No food or medical supplies can get in. Bombs are falling all over the place. Hundreds of civilians are being killed or wounded. It appears like the US occupation of Iraq.

    You can't wage war against the tactic of terrorism.


  2. Falk, United Nations Special Investigator for Human Rights in the Occupied Territories, listed numerous actions by Israel that clearly break the rules of engagement codified in the Geneva Conventions.

    These include; collective punishment of the 1.5 million inhabitants of the Gaza Strip for the actions of relatively few militants; the indiscriminate targeting of civilians including school children and university students during air strikes, with hundreds now dead or injured; a disproportionate military response which has destroyed every police and security office of Gaza’s elected government.

    Israel has also sealed off entry and exit points to the Gaza Strip, causing severe shortages of medicine, food and fuel and hampering efforts to treat victims of the bombing raids.

  3. Oh,I see it is alright if Israel gets hammered,but they should just turn the other cheek right? You sound like the rest of the Middle east countries,and now they are blaming the USA too,wht because Israel is our Ally?

  4. beebs,

    You are a little off on your estimates of civilians killed and the fact that the Israelis are bombing indisciminately. About 60 civilians have been killed and the bombing have been very targeted to Hamas buildings and rocket launch sites.

    Bringing the Geneva Convention into this is so very one sided because the terrorist elected by the people are the ones that use their own civilians to shield their illegal activities such as shooting rockets into civilian areas in Israel.

    The Israelis have come out and said that there will be no peace until the rockets stop flying. Who can stop the rockets, only those in the GS can. If the occupents of the GS want things to get better then they have to rise up against their government and throw off their oppressors.

    Israel is going to keep coming until they have achieved the goal of removing the rocket threat against its civilians. I didn't see anyone calling for the end of these rocket attacks or crying over the 16 dead Israelis this year.

    Iran better watch its back because Israel is taking matters into its own hands and there is less and less for them to lose by bombing the crap out of Iran.

  5. I wonder where the Jews will go to live when this is all over.

    Maybe South Africa.