Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Chrysler Shutdown

The weakest of the Big 3 is shutting down for a "month". Who really thinks they will ever open the doors again as Chrysler? This is the prelude to bankruptcy and a final merger into non-existence. GM will have continuing issues and will do something similar, but will either go into a structured bankruptcy or get a bailout from the government.

The UAW must be so proud of their accomplishments. I read a comment somewhere that this yahoo was amazed that some many people were against bailing the car companies out and he was all sad about their workers. Sorry, if I don't get choked up about a guy that earns twice as much as somebody else for doing the same job having to come back to reality.

I'll say it again, no government funds until there is a new UAW contract in place! Bush has already wasted $335 billion of the bailout funds, so what is the last $15 billion. It will be money wasted and only a drop in the bucket in the end. Think what you want, but it is time to let the market correct and there is going to be pain. I know a lot of people are going to end up hurt some and a few will end up hurting a lot, but there is no painless way out of this mess. Just like there is no painless way to pay off the national debt. The American public is going to have to take its medicine and muddle their way through. I know that it sounds cold hearted, but sometimes the truth is harsh.

Let me hear what you think.

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  1. This whole bailout idea has me very worried. It is one thing to give a good company a bridge to the future, it is another to throw good money after bad. The big three should fail, and if they are strong enough reorganize in bankruptcy.

    It would help if they gave Congress the finger on fuel economy and new technology mandates. Let Congress start the "Congressional Car Co" and see if anyone wants to buy their "car of the future."