Wednesday, December 31, 2008

In the Rearview


This has been a very interesting year to say the least and there are some still to be resolved issues coming in 2009. The election is over and we will have a new President shortly. We've had and oil crisis that push gas prices to over $4 a gallon, but magically they are now $1.50. We've had a huge financial crisis with billions spent, but no one knows on what as of yet. Companies and states are lining up for government handouts, but are doing little to fix the problems that caused their bankruptcy.

I wonder what the new year will bring. I see lots more fun in the Middle East as Israel continues to punish her enemies for killing her citizens. This will of course open the door to a whole host of fun when the new President is seated in a couple of weeks. I see oil prices ramping back up in time for the summer driving season. I see the economy continuing to sputter along and a long line of hands out to get a piece of the government dole. I see the citizens rising up to say enough is enough as some point in the next year or so. There will be a huge push of nationalism as state after state can no longer afford to support the illegal population in the manner that they've grown accustom.

The public is going to push back on the social programs that allow those who won't to take from those who do. If you are working your butt off to make ends meet then you aren't going to be overly generous with those who can but won't. This is going to lead to some serious problems in the Congress as the Democrats fail in their give away platform. I would like to see common sense return in our national fiscal plan, but I won't hold my breath. In case you missed it, you will be paying a lot more taxes in the up coming years, but not getting a lot. Congress will piss away every dime of revenue on "stimulus" packages that will be putting band aids on the sucking chest wound of an economy vice make real changes in policy that balances the budget and pays off the national debt. The good news is that they will find billions of dollars to spend by once again eviscerating the military.

I know that I sound a little gloomy, but this is on a national level because on an individual level I think Americans will wake up and realize what is truly important and start fixing their own house. Debit spending will come to an end as more people realize that you can spend your way out of debt. They will reduce their spending on crap that they don't need to put food on the table and gas in the tank. We saw some of that this past summer, but this is going to be a continuing trend. People are going to have to say no to their kids every want and desire. This will have an actual positive affect as they reduce the spoiled brat entitlement mentality. I pray that this new self reliance spreads and ignites a wave of pressure for responsible government.

I wish every one hope and prosperity in the New Year. I pray that we as a country will wake up and remember what once made this country great. We will once again know that good things are worth working for and that you are responsible for your own happiness.

Monday, December 29, 2008

Israel Flexing Its Muscles

If someone was firing 100 rockets a day into any city in America, we would wipe whomever from the face of the Earth in a heartbeat. So, why is there so much issue with Israel doing the exact same thing? The Israelis have a legitimate issue with Hamas and the occupants of the Gaza Strip, so they are finally doing something about it. They have not, as yet, rolled the tanks in and completely leveled the place. They still might and have every right to do so. The world is outraged that they are killing so many people, but it is war and people die.

That is one of the things the news agencies have all forgotten, that war equals lots of dead people. We have become accustomed to quick and clean wars where only soldiers die and civilians are protected from all harm at the cost of more soldiers. This is completely stupid because wars should be painful for the aggressors and their civilian supporters. Governments don't wake up one day and decide against the will of their people to start a war. They wage war with the consent of the populous and if that populous has nothing invested in the war they will continue to support it or like us Americans ignore it. But, if you make the cost of waging war the possibility of losing your life then support quickly evaporates. Yeah, there are lasting effects of decimating a civilian population, but there arealso good examples like Germany and Japan.

Failure to make war painful for the population only causes more wars because if only soldiers die then they will get more soldiers. But, if war is a daily life or death decision, then people have a tendency to not be so quick to rush into war. Israel had endured the rocket strikes long enough, so they figured the cost was worth it and this may be the precursor to much bigger things. They figure now is the time to clean house and their whole population is well aware of the costs. They will have to totally destroy the opposition and that isn't limited to the Gaza Strip. They have to destroy the support for these terrorists by making the cost way more than the return. Iran better watch its back because Israel is on the move.

Israel has played nice up to this point by only killing the terrorist, but life isn't good in the GS and is only going to get worse until the people rise up against the terrorists and throw off the yoke of oppression. Watch and see if the Israel doesn't keep this up until the people of the Strip stop the rockets, sue for peace and Hamas is no more. Let me hear what you think on the matter.

Monday, December 22, 2008

What You Get for Your Bailout Dollars

If you haven't seen this one you might just be surprised. It seems that the banks and financial companies that received at least a billion plus have no idea as to how our tax dollars are being spent or worse yet they refuse to tell. Congress is doing a bang up job at protecting the tax payers of this country. They have successfully flushed $350 billion of your tax dollars down the toilet and no one is accountable for it.

I am sure that Congress will blame Bush for letting his minions waste the bailout money, but Congress is also to blame. They promised us oversight and controls, so this would not happen, but we get what we deserve for allowing the same guys that allowed it to happen to be in charge of cleaning it up. Now we've tripled the national debt and have nothing to show for our trouble. I haven't seen the public outrage yet and who knows if the MSM will ever report the truth.

Welcome to the new America where there is zero accountability and even worse management of your tax dollars. If you think the new Congress is going to be better I have some land in FL to sell. Lets here what you think about this latest raping of the American tax payer.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Auto Bailout

It looks like Uncle Sam is going to let GM and Chrysler off the hook temporarily by providing them $17.5 billion in loans until 31 March. This was a complete cop out because they didn't really put any teeth in to the Congressional oversight or force labor renegotiation's. They gave the car companies until the end of next year to renegotiate, which means we will have to keep feeding the beast all next year. The car companies have done all they could to the executives to during this last round of begging, but the white elephant in the room is the UAW and no one whats to shoot it. This is your government looking out for its best interests. The companies would have been better off in a structured bankruptcy that broke the UAW strangle hold, but instead we get to foot the bill for people that no longer work for a living and still collect a paycheck (job banks). The UAW says they are suspending the job bank practice, but nothing in writing means nothing.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Chrysler Shutdown

The weakest of the Big 3 is shutting down for a "month". Who really thinks they will ever open the doors again as Chrysler? This is the prelude to bankruptcy and a final merger into non-existence. GM will have continuing issues and will do something similar, but will either go into a structured bankruptcy or get a bailout from the government.

The UAW must be so proud of their accomplishments. I read a comment somewhere that this yahoo was amazed that some many people were against bailing the car companies out and he was all sad about their workers. Sorry, if I don't get choked up about a guy that earns twice as much as somebody else for doing the same job having to come back to reality.

I'll say it again, no government funds until there is a new UAW contract in place! Bush has already wasted $335 billion of the bailout funds, so what is the last $15 billion. It will be money wasted and only a drop in the bucket in the end. Think what you want, but it is time to let the market correct and there is going to be pain. I know a lot of people are going to end up hurt some and a few will end up hurting a lot, but there is no painless way out of this mess. Just like there is no painless way to pay off the national debt. The American public is going to have to take its medicine and muddle their way through. I know that it sounds cold hearted, but sometimes the truth is harsh.

Let me hear what you think.

Poor Management

If you have been around the Navy long enough you know that the supply system is broken and that there is never the part you need in it. The funny thing is that the Navy currently has $7.5 billion in parts that it doesn't need. The GAO has called us on the carpet for our wasteful practices, poor management and unnecessary purchases.

The Navy had $6.8 billion in surplus supplies that were not needed in fiscal year 2007. Here's when those supplies would be needed, according to a government report: During the next 2 years: 28%; Up to 10 years: 37%; After 10 years or more: 7%; and Never: 28%.

It is nice that we have $1.9 billion in worthless parts that will never be used. I can think of much better uses for that kind of cash, like more subs. Also, there was about $3.7 billion worth of unusable spare parts that needed to be repaired before being put into service, the report says. Why are we buying and keeping defective or unusable parts?

These are your tax dollars at work and Big Navy showing how not to do it.

Random Thought About Caylee

Something has always struck me as not right about the whole Caylee Anthony situation. The grandparents seem to be completely involved in the situation and know everything that is going on, but they didn't see anything wrong with the kid being missing for almost a month?

I have a funny feeling that there is something going on with the grandparents because it is completely amazing that they didn't know the kid was missing for a month and you know what they say if something is too amazing to be true then it isn't.

I am not trying to stir up the waters, but the dumb ass mother isn't likely to have pulled this off on her own and no casual sex partner is going to help you hide the body of your dead child. This only leaves someone that has a vested interest in not seeing the mother get the needle. I can see how a parent would want to protect their child and not see them die for their mistake, even if that mistake was killing their grandchild.

The whole story is not in on this one and it bears watching. If this POS didn't want the kid there are plenty of loving families that would have taken her. This story is sad beyond belief and it will only get worse when the facts really start coming out.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Busy With the Future

I haven't been posting because I have been busy getting my future in order and I can say that things are proceeding quite nicely. I will be exiting the desert for much greener pastures. I can only hope that removing myself from the AF influence and getting more oxygen to my brain will make me less insane over the little stupidities that I encounter daily. I don't know that it will change my general outlook on life but who knows.

If you are wondering, I think GM and Chrysler should file a structured bankruptcy and merge. I think Obama doesn't want anything to do with what is going on with Ill Gov because he has his own skeletons. Iran's days are numbered. This country has some dark days ahead, but the future is still very bright.

Let me know what you have on your minds. I have been completely out of touch while traveling, but am still willing to give my opinion on any subject. Freedom of speech is a great thing.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

In Case You Missed It

The Israelis are planning on how to attack Iran on their own without US help or cooperation. This isn't going to be an easy task, but they feel it is in their best interests to stop Iran before it has a nuclear weapon. So, does anyone want to start a pool on when the attack is going to occur or just be surprised and awed that they had the stones to do what the rest of the world wouldn't.

I know that I am an oracle of doom and destruction, but if you were Israel would you let Iran get the bomb? The two are on a collision path and at some point bombs are going to be going off and then more bombs. We will be caught in the middle regardless, so we should be preparing now about how we are going to respond to this crisis. This is probably what Joe Biden was alluring to when he said that the new president was going to be tested and the response might not be well received. Always remember that those who bless Israel will be blessed and those who curse Israel will be cursed.

Let me hear what you think. I know there are some of you that have strong opinions on this, so lets hear it.

Automotive Bailout

Here is the thing with this whole deal, I am glad to see that the management is promising some stuff to reduce costs, but until the UAW actually renegotiates their contracts they shouldn't get a dime of federal money. Why should be pay for UAW benefits that most of us do not enjoy as hardworking taxpayers. Until these negotiations are complete the Big 3 need to stop asking for a federal handout and if they can't make it then file for bankruptcy protection.

$34 billion is just going to be a band aid and until the labor issues are fixed there is no hope for a turn around for any of the Big 3. I want to see what the Big 3 and UAW can do before we provide them more money to throw down the drain. If the UAW gives up a whole bunch of over the top goodies, then maybe the Big 3 no longer need a federal bailout or it might be a whole lot less. Plus, the 61% of taxpayers that are against a bailout right now might soften their opposition if they thought that UAW workers were not getting over on the rest of us.

So, until a new contract with major concessions is signed not a dime of federal money. I don't work on promises and wishful thinking because as soon as the money is doled out there is zero incentive to make real and lasting change. If you don't agree let me hear it and let me know what you think should happen.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008


If you can believe this Lockheed wants $147 million not to build anymore F-22's. I find this appalling and a clear sign with what is wrong with the government and how it spends our money. You would think that if you are being paid to build something then you stop building it you stop getting paid. It would seem like that would be a reasonable idea, but Lockheed got the AF to agree upfront that if they didn't buy so many airplanes then a $147 million clean up fee would kick in for them. How did this contract ever make it through the chop chain. I know that like every other defense contractor they hire Generals that can schmooze other Generals, so shit like this can happen, but who is minding the store?

There has to be some protection from this kind of greed and corruption. If they knew that they were going to need $147 million to wrap things up then they should have tacked that on to the price up front. I don't buy a car then have the dealer come back five years later and ask for more money because he isn't going to be building anymore of my model. This is what is wrong with the business practices of the government that if people really knew how their money was being wasted they would grab the pitchforks and torches. The way I see it is that if you do a horrible job of getting a government product to market the more you get paid, so where is the incentive to provide a quality product for a reasonable price?

The only group that is doing it right is the sub builders in Groton because they understood that if they could get a handle on costs and deliver a quality product on time and at costs it would result in more business. Newport News, Texas and Mississippi didn't get this memo because you look at the ships coming out of them and it is all cost overruns and poor quality. This is not the way to win friends and influence Congress to pony up more ship building money. The defense contractors have been riding the gravy train for too long and I can only hope that the new Congress will put an end to their wasteful practices. It could also mean that they might let us build more submarines because we are doing it right.