Friday, November 7, 2008

Items of Interest

I have been scanning the news as usual and found some interesting reading. I found an article by Ollie North about what President-Elect Obama might do to the military on the advice of Barney Frank to cut 25% of the Defense Budget. It is some pretty scary stuff and I will let you read it there on Fox. I am truly scared about what and how much of the military is going to be cut to pay for the numerous new spending plans, which leads me to the other article of interest.

The automakers in Detroit have hat in hand and are looking for a hand out. This handout from the government is to pay for retooling to make fuel efficient cars because they already got $25 billion for that earlier, but this $25 billion is to fund the health care trust funds. It seems to me that instead of sending another $25 billion down the drain of Detroit, we should be looking at a whole new way of doing health care in this country. I am not for socialized medicine, but a new and better way of doing things. I think we should get a panel of smart people together and figure this thing out and it should include doctors, nurses, insurance people, drug companies, and regular people that will keep them all honest. I am not sure how it will all pan out, but I sure don't want the government telling me which doctor to go to, but I know that I don't want insurance companies telling I can't go to the doctor.

These two issues are typical of the things this country needs to solve in the next few years. We can not let Washington's crooked politicians and lobbyists solve for us. We need serious planning and oversight into these difficult issues. What we definitely don't need is business as usual for Washington. I am all for change if it protects this country and its people. I don't have the answers to this or the dozen other burning questions of our time, but I do know that letting the lobbyists decide isn't going to be good for anyone. Light up your Congressman and Senator about how you feel about doing things right and coming up with real solutions vice wasting our tax dollars on half-assed attempts. Plus, whatever they come up with needs to be monitored to ensure that it truly does what it was intended to do.

The American public understands that money is needed to tackle some of these tough issues, but they want it spent wisely and to get results. I have said it before and I will keep saying it, we need results from Washington and not just promises and criminal actions. I am willing to pay a federal sales tax if I thought it would be used to payoff the national debt and I know a lot of other people feel the same way. With that said, we are not willing to allow Congress to waste another dime and sure and the hell would not allow them to impose a tax then piss it all away lining their and the lobbyists pockets. We need to let Congress know that they are on a short leash and need to clean up their collective act.

We also need to let them know that certain issues need to wait until we solve the big ones first. We don't need to enact the Fairness Doctrine or the Freedom of Choice Act, while the economy is in tatters. Plus, we don't even need to start dicking with taxes until we figure out our spending and that means truly figure it out like health care, medicare, social security, defense and so on. This is the dawn of a new age and a great opportunity to turn this country around, but there is great risk as well because if we fail our economy fails, our military is gutted, and we become vulnerable not only on the battlefield but also economically. Stand up with me now and demand better from our government and let your representatives know how you feel. If you don't agree let me hear it or if you have a better way lets get it out here.


  1. The country is about dead. It's not production unless it is built, mined, or farmed in the UNITED STATES.

    I have begun to read Austrian economics books to find out just how wrong the country is. We have to do something better.

    Shouldn't the DoD be cut? Golly, we are spending $650 billion and that doesn't include Afghanistan and Iraq? Does the Navy really need all the submarines it has now?

  2. I'm a Registered Nurse. We probably make as much money as a JO in the NAV, probably work about as hard but not very good benies and no advancement or retirement. Nurses probably wouldn't steer you wrong on health care. Doctors, insurance guys, drug companies? Those guys are why health care costs so much.

  3. Reddog,
    I agree that doctors, insurance companies and drug companies are a huge part of the problem, but cutting them out won't solve the issues with healt care. We need a comprehensive plan that makes sense and doesn't bankrupt this country. I really do feel that there has to be a national standard for a minimal plan that people can afford and covers necessary items, but I sure and the hell don't want the government directly in charge of it. They can provide guidelines and enforcement, but let the insurance companies duke it out nationwide. Health care isn't going away and unless we start doing something it will bankrupt the country and ruin industry.