Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Tommorrow is the Day

As you might know that I have a pool on when Israel is going to have enough of Iran and strike at their nuke building facilities. I have tomorrow and I hope that I am wrong. There has been many a rumble from both sides, but I think the fact that most intelligence puts the Iranian bomb in February, we are probably at least a few weeks away from the fun and games that will surely ensue after that attack. The US will no fair well in this whether we support Israel or not, but if Obama wins, we surely will not.

We will be called upon to condemn Israel's unprovoked attack on the peace loving nation of Iran. This could be what Plugsly (Joe Biden) was talking about. They will surely condemn Israel and side with the rest of the world that Israel will need to be disarmed to prevent further aggression on their part. I can tell you this that Israel will tell you that you can have their nukes when you pry them from their cold dead fingers.

The idea that we can live with a nuclear capable Iran is insane at best. Iran will not be deterred by MAD (mutually assured destruction) because they are already mad (insane). They see zero downside to nuking Tel Aviv or any other spot in Israel other than Jerusalem. They see it as their religious duty to rid the world of the evil Zionist. What is the world going to do to them? They really don't give a crap about Israel and almost 2 billion Muslims can't be all that bad and you sure as heck don't want them really pissed at you.

Iran will pull some sort of stunt to distance themselves from the deliverer of the weapon, but the world will all know where it came from. The real question is what is anyone going to do about it. The answer is absolutely nothing for fear of losing their precious oil supply and freezing to death. You think the countries that supply us oil other than Canada have any love for Israel and Canada is iffy at best. I don't want to be Cassandra here, but it isn't going to be pretty.

If you think that I am off my rocker lets hear it because I have to admit this scares the crap out of me and it isn't even Halloween yet.


  1. I agree that an attack on Iran is one possible option. That way lies madness, in my view. Wasn't there a NIE that said Iran stopped their bomb program in 2003?

    The US could be speaking with Iran, and assisting Iran in designing a nuclear power program, along with the nuclear fuel cycle that must go with it.

    A few mumbling of madmen in Iran isn't a national policy. The Saudis aren't big fans of the Zionist Entity either.

  2. beebs,
    I wish I could agree with you on the fact that Iran isn't really pursuing the bomb, but the sad reality is that they still are and will continue to do so until they have achieved their end goal. The report was very specific on what they gave up and that was special weapons design and not enrichment. Enriched U is the only thing you need to make a crude but effective weapon. Iran has zero to lose in this pursuit and would have stopped already if they were saber rattling because Russia had already promised them the reactor and the fuel if they would stop the enrichment process, they declined. Things are coming to a head and it looks like it will be in February after the Israeli elections when all the parts will fall into place. Obama is not going to get tougher on Iran and Israel's new government may take matters into their own hands.