Thursday, October 30, 2008

Things are Getting Tight

I have to wonder if the polls are even close to accurate because only know one person voting for Obama between my work place (military, so that might not count) and my family (conservative, so that might not count either). My Grandfather a life long Democrat refuses to vote for Obama because he does not trust him, which was before Joe the Plumber and Ayers. I know that there are a lot more people in this country than the ones that I know, but I've got to think that there have to be a lot of people that will be going into the voting booth on Tuesday and holding their collective noses and voting for McCain for the exact same reason that my Grandfather is going to vote Republican for the very first time. Obama can not be trusted to lead this country and he surely can be trusted to do it with overwhelming majorities in the Congress. That is way too much power for someone with such a short history and thin resume.

I sure hope a bunch of people who weren't called get out and vote for McCain, so at least we will have a band-aid over the hole in the dyke. He isn't the reformer that he claims and his aisle reaching has always been going the wrong way, so he isn't the best but at least he won't rubber stamp every wacky idea of the Pelosi-Reid Congress. Obama would have his pen signing all kinds of off the wall crap that it would probably burst into flames. Pelosi has already said that things will be far more "bipartisan" when they control every thing. I've always said that bipartisan is doing it the Democrats way and thus she would be right.

There will be no compromise and tax payer protection with Obama as President, but at least McCain would feign a fight before giving into them. The best we can hope for in the next two years is more gridlock and lots of McCain vetoes, but it will more likely be a slow bleed by the Democrats until the 2012 elections. I am planning on McCain winning because the other is just too horrible to imagine. If you disagree let me hear it, but bring it because I am going to assume you are nuts for wanting the most unqualified, couldn't get a security clearance, candidate of the modern era (don't bring up Lincoln because that was a totally different era and he should have never won except that there were four pro-slavery candidates running against him splitting the vote).

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