Friday, October 31, 2008

Taking Time Off

I am going to take some time off until after the election because my head hurts. This election is one of no choice. The Republicans have pissed away any goodwill with the public by becoming Democrats and since the Democrats position was filled the Democrats have moved into a whole new realm of liberalism. Enjoy the last few days of mud slinging, but count me out. I held my nose and voted a couple of weeks ago and now I am going into deep hibernation for the next couple of years.

If the Republicans ever want to return to power they need to apologize for their Democrat like behavior of large government and huge spending. They need to come to Jesus and get right on fiscal policy. They need to put their greedy paws back in their own pockets and keep them out of ours. The need to sign a binding document that says if they are elected (in the future) they will not act like Democrats. The will pass term limits, remove the lobbyists from Washington, and that they will freeze spending until they figure out how to pay off the national debt. They can work all the details out, but that is what they need to do. They have betrayed the American public who actually believe in the two party system up to recent years (2006), but since there is only the party of greed and corruption the public is ready for change.

The problem is that the change they are going to get is not what they want. They want fiscal conservatives and social moderates. They are going to get way liberal fiscal policy and unheard of extreme social policy. The good news is that after a couple of years of that, people will be really pulling their hair out for change. This would be the time for the Reformer Party to force the other two back to the middle, I know that I've said it a bunch and I guess I will have to keep saying it. The current two parties do not reflect America in any way and they are just plain bad, so we need to change the political landscape and rise up from the middle. The public hates taxes and government waste, but does have compassion for the less fortunate. We need to push back to the middle and away from communism and theocracy.

So, after my time off I will be back saying I told you so as the train wrecks due to poor policy decisions caused by extremism. You can tell me I am off my rocker and I will get back to you in a few days, weeks, months, years.

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