Thursday, October 23, 2008


Blogging has been fun and it has let me vent on several issues that have bugged me over that past few months. I still am pissed about the election and I am convinced that it really doesn't matter who wins at this point because the Congress is solidly in the Democrats hands and under the totally incapable leadership of Pelosi and Reid.

The Air Force still bugs we as well, but they are at least trying to get their collective crap in one sock after that last year of crank stepping.

I still believe that the lottery on when the Israelis are going to bomb Iran is up and running. This will not be a good thing for us, but might be Israel only hope. I still have next week on the 29th, but lets hope I am wrong.

I still think we need a Reformer Party that believes in smaller government, term limits, and spending cuts. I know that there is never a lot of support for a new political party, but the ones we have are worth a bucket of warm.... I think we need to throw the career politicians out of Washington and start over, but that doesn't work when you have wackos as the other options.

The oil crisis has been overcome by the financial crisis, which just goes to show that there must have been something funny going on with the oil market and no real crisis at all. That isn't to say that we can stop conserving and looking for alternatives, but it is going to happen. People won't give a crap about that stuff again until gas prices head back to the $4 range. People are creatures of habit and only worry about the current alligator on their @$$ vice planning a way out of the swamp.

The financial crisis just goes to show you that too much and too little government is a bad thing. You need government to protect the little guy, but you don't need the government telling you to do something stupid. That is why we are in the mess we are because the government forced the lenders to sell sub-prime mortgages, but did nothing to protect the little guy. The government could have insured that fraud and illegal accounting practices were not part of the package deal, but regulation is a dirty word in a free market society. But is legal one as well?

I know that I rant a lot and might even change my own mind sometimes. I appreciate everyones comments and try to clarify any statements that might not be right on target or clear as mud. I do appreciate any comments good or bad.

I have enjoyed many of my fellow bloggers and find their points of view very enlightening. I truly appreciate the job "The Augmentee" is doing in Iraq and everyone involve in JCCS-1. I also appreciate all those Navy guys speaking out for us little guys. The submarine force is a tough place to make a living, but it does have its rewards. I know that I have done a lot of cool stuff and seen some places I would never even thought of going, but most importantly I got to work with some of the greatest men this country has to offer. They were thinking men and leaders, which didn't always mean that agreed with the party line, but always did their duty to the best of their ability and I salute them.

I hope you've enjoyed my state of the blog address. I also hope you will keep coming back and I will try to write more, but the election has had me a little down lately and I haven't felt like writing. I welcome your comments and feel free to stick a quarter in me just to see what I'll say next. Can't guarantee that it will be profound or even right.

Have a great Navy day. Sandy

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