Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Heading to the Finish

My fellow American Conservatives,

As the election has worn on and on, I have become less interested because regardless of the outcome nothing is going to really change in Washington. We will have the worst Congress in history headed by either the most liberal Senator or one that won't stand up to them. This country is headed for a train wreck of biblical proportions and the choice we face is no choice at all. We can have a conductor that will speed the train towards this wreck or one that will do nothing at all to slow it. I am frustrated will the whole lot of them and would love to toss them all out and start a new, but I am only allowed to vote once and have done so (maybe with the help of ACORN, I could change that).

I can only sit back and communicate my great displeasure to my Congressman and Senator, but they may or may not listen. They sure aren't going to set the world on fire to solve the current situation, since the Senator voted for the pork loaded bailout. The Congressman, I still hold out hope for since he voted against the bill twice and is for the Fair Tax Plan, but is only one of a few true conservatives left. I am not a Republican or a Democrat, but a true conservative that believes in small government and low taxes. I've hated what the Republicans have done to this country over that last decade, but the Democrats have been no better. We need to drastically cut spending on everything that is not related to the core requirements of the federal government and pay off our national debt.

That being said, I just don't see either candidate accomplishing much in the next four years toward those goals. I am not sure if Congress will ever be able to accomplish those goals because of the current rampant corruption in Washington caused by lobbyists and their money. If enough of us are sick and tired of the current state of affairs, then why would we not band together and do something substantial about it? I'll tell you, it is because it is hard and would take time to understand the issues and elect only those who agree with those issues. The sad part is that most of the time there isn't anyone running that supports the issues we believe in. Even if they say they do they get to Washington and it is business as usual, so we end up no better off (Republicans in 1994).

I have ranted enough and it just makes me sad to know that this once great country is being run by greedy buffoons that are only worried about being re-elected and lining their pockets. We need real people with common sense to step up to the plate and turn this country around. Sadly there just aren't enough of them around. Maybe in four years the true conservatives will find a hero that will lead this country back to greatness, but lets hope it isn't too late.


  1. Actually, I think Obama will accomplish a great deal - nothing we want though.
    McCain? Congress will stonewall him like they did Bush.


    PS - thanks for the blogroll! I'll reciprocate today.

  2. Tom,
    I agree with you to a point, but I think McCain is very likely to allow somethings that he should not just to show that he can work with the Democrats once again. Looking at his track record his reaches across the aisle were always toward the Democrats positons and not pulling them toward the Republican positions. He will compromise this country into a deeper mess. Obama will more quickly do the same, since there will be zero opposition.