Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Fred Thompson

This guy seems to understand the situation this country faces and I want to thank Jay for pointing me in the direction of his website. I agree with Jay that Fred would have made a great candidate if he would have had the fire in the belly necessary for the campaign. He would have been a great foil to Obama's personality and could have touched the country's conservative base.

With that said, why didn't he have the fire in the belly? Why didn't he even really try? Would we want a President that though very eloquent didn't really want the job? I am sorry that he didn't try harder and our remaining choice isn't the best available, but compared to the Democrats' offering McCain is as good as we get.

The sad thing is that this country stands at a crossroads with both candidates heading in the same direction (left). The only remaining question is how fast are we going to take to get there. I can only hope that we derail the leftist express in 2010 and finish it off in 2012. We are in for a few rough years, but lets pray for a reawakening of the American Spirit and cast off our Democrat oppressors. Lets force smaller government, payoff the national debt, remove the corrupting lobbyists from Washington and rid Washington of career politicians. Who wants to join me in grabbing the pitchforks and torches. Who for storming the castle of wasteful big government?

If we are going to organize now is the time because in a few short months the Fairness Doctrine is going to be law and all the conservatives are going to disappear from the airwaves and maybe even the Internet. We may end up hiding from our own government to express our true feelings. We have to push for legislation reform and the protection of individual freedom. If you don't think that the next Congress is going to try gag all opposition just take the time to read the Fairness Doctrine. Know that liberal radio has never succeeded like conservative radio, so they must put an end to that voice of the people by forcing 12 hours a day of liberal opinion that the conservatives have to pay for as the opposing opinion. That would force many companies out of business, since no one wants to hear that whinny crap 12 hours a day.

Prepare yourself now for the pain. Get informed on who represents you and if you agree with them. I'll tell you my choice for Congress was easy since the Democrat is a Code Pink kind of guy and proud of it, but that doesn't mean the guy I voted for is necessarily a true conservative. Lucky for me he is, but that may not be the case for a lot of you out there. This election is basically a done deal, but we have to start working Nov. 5th for 2010 and beyond. We need to let those in power know our displeasure of them selling the American Dream to the Lobbyists and that if they don't straighten out their ways they will be unemployed. We need to keep the pressure on them because they will rob us blind when the country isn't looking.

I just had to get that off my chest. This election is over in my mind because regardless of who is President he is still having to deal with the worst Congress in history. Let me hear what you think because I might just be crazy from the heat.

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