Friday, October 24, 2008

Absentee Ballots In Virginia

Here is another winner for helping protect the troops right to vote. Virginia has a law that certain absentee ballots require a witnesses signature and address. But here is the catch, the ballot doesn't say that the witnesses address is required it just says "if required". So the military member deployed overseas has to know which ballots require the witnesses address and which don't. You would think that it would be an easy thing to add a note to annotate, which states require it when. Instead, we have guys and gals in harms way whose vote will not be counted because of an easy to fix mistake, how typical of the political process.

If you are a absentee voter in Virginia you better check how you voted to make sure that your vote will count. It is a sad state of affairs that in this day and age we can't even make it simple for the people who are out there protecting this county's freedoms to vote. Let Virginia know how you feel. Write their Congressmen and women an email to know how much you think that disenfranchising the military stinks.

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