Friday, October 31, 2008

Taking Time Off

I am going to take some time off until after the election because my head hurts. This election is one of no choice. The Republicans have pissed away any goodwill with the public by becoming Democrats and since the Democrats position was filled the Democrats have moved into a whole new realm of liberalism. Enjoy the last few days of mud slinging, but count me out. I held my nose and voted a couple of weeks ago and now I am going into deep hibernation for the next couple of years.

If the Republicans ever want to return to power they need to apologize for their Democrat like behavior of large government and huge spending. They need to come to Jesus and get right on fiscal policy. They need to put their greedy paws back in their own pockets and keep them out of ours. The need to sign a binding document that says if they are elected (in the future) they will not act like Democrats. The will pass term limits, remove the lobbyists from Washington, and that they will freeze spending until they figure out how to pay off the national debt. They can work all the details out, but that is what they need to do. They have betrayed the American public who actually believe in the two party system up to recent years (2006), but since there is only the party of greed and corruption the public is ready for change.

The problem is that the change they are going to get is not what they want. They want fiscal conservatives and social moderates. They are going to get way liberal fiscal policy and unheard of extreme social policy. The good news is that after a couple of years of that, people will be really pulling their hair out for change. This would be the time for the Reformer Party to force the other two back to the middle, I know that I've said it a bunch and I guess I will have to keep saying it. The current two parties do not reflect America in any way and they are just plain bad, so we need to change the political landscape and rise up from the middle. The public hates taxes and government waste, but does have compassion for the less fortunate. We need to push back to the middle and away from communism and theocracy.

So, after my time off I will be back saying I told you so as the train wrecks due to poor policy decisions caused by extremism. You can tell me I am off my rocker and I will get back to you in a few days, weeks, months, years.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Things are Getting Tight

I have to wonder if the polls are even close to accurate because only know one person voting for Obama between my work place (military, so that might not count) and my family (conservative, so that might not count either). My Grandfather a life long Democrat refuses to vote for Obama because he does not trust him, which was before Joe the Plumber and Ayers. I know that there are a lot more people in this country than the ones that I know, but I've got to think that there have to be a lot of people that will be going into the voting booth on Tuesday and holding their collective noses and voting for McCain for the exact same reason that my Grandfather is going to vote Republican for the very first time. Obama can not be trusted to lead this country and he surely can be trusted to do it with overwhelming majorities in the Congress. That is way too much power for someone with such a short history and thin resume.

I sure hope a bunch of people who weren't called get out and vote for McCain, so at least we will have a band-aid over the hole in the dyke. He isn't the reformer that he claims and his aisle reaching has always been going the wrong way, so he isn't the best but at least he won't rubber stamp every wacky idea of the Pelosi-Reid Congress. Obama would have his pen signing all kinds of off the wall crap that it would probably burst into flames. Pelosi has already said that things will be far more "bipartisan" when they control every thing. I've always said that bipartisan is doing it the Democrats way and thus she would be right.

There will be no compromise and tax payer protection with Obama as President, but at least McCain would feign a fight before giving into them. The best we can hope for in the next two years is more gridlock and lots of McCain vetoes, but it will more likely be a slow bleed by the Democrats until the 2012 elections. I am planning on McCain winning because the other is just too horrible to imagine. If you disagree let me hear it, but bring it because I am going to assume you are nuts for wanting the most unqualified, couldn't get a security clearance, candidate of the modern era (don't bring up Lincoln because that was a totally different era and he should have never won except that there were four pro-slavery candidates running against him splitting the vote).

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Tommorrow is the Day

As you might know that I have a pool on when Israel is going to have enough of Iran and strike at their nuke building facilities. I have tomorrow and I hope that I am wrong. There has been many a rumble from both sides, but I think the fact that most intelligence puts the Iranian bomb in February, we are probably at least a few weeks away from the fun and games that will surely ensue after that attack. The US will no fair well in this whether we support Israel or not, but if Obama wins, we surely will not.

We will be called upon to condemn Israel's unprovoked attack on the peace loving nation of Iran. This could be what Plugsly (Joe Biden) was talking about. They will surely condemn Israel and side with the rest of the world that Israel will need to be disarmed to prevent further aggression on their part. I can tell you this that Israel will tell you that you can have their nukes when you pry them from their cold dead fingers.

The idea that we can live with a nuclear capable Iran is insane at best. Iran will not be deterred by MAD (mutually assured destruction) because they are already mad (insane). They see zero downside to nuking Tel Aviv or any other spot in Israel other than Jerusalem. They see it as their religious duty to rid the world of the evil Zionist. What is the world going to do to them? They really don't give a crap about Israel and almost 2 billion Muslims can't be all that bad and you sure as heck don't want them really pissed at you.

Iran will pull some sort of stunt to distance themselves from the deliverer of the weapon, but the world will all know where it came from. The real question is what is anyone going to do about it. The answer is absolutely nothing for fear of losing their precious oil supply and freezing to death. You think the countries that supply us oil other than Canada have any love for Israel and Canada is iffy at best. I don't want to be Cassandra here, but it isn't going to be pretty.

If you think that I am off my rocker lets hear it because I have to admit this scares the crap out of me and it isn't even Halloween yet.

Fred Thompson

This guy seems to understand the situation this country faces and I want to thank Jay for pointing me in the direction of his website. I agree with Jay that Fred would have made a great candidate if he would have had the fire in the belly necessary for the campaign. He would have been a great foil to Obama's personality and could have touched the country's conservative base.

With that said, why didn't he have the fire in the belly? Why didn't he even really try? Would we want a President that though very eloquent didn't really want the job? I am sorry that he didn't try harder and our remaining choice isn't the best available, but compared to the Democrats' offering McCain is as good as we get.

The sad thing is that this country stands at a crossroads with both candidates heading in the same direction (left). The only remaining question is how fast are we going to take to get there. I can only hope that we derail the leftist express in 2010 and finish it off in 2012. We are in for a few rough years, but lets pray for a reawakening of the American Spirit and cast off our Democrat oppressors. Lets force smaller government, payoff the national debt, remove the corrupting lobbyists from Washington and rid Washington of career politicians. Who wants to join me in grabbing the pitchforks and torches. Who for storming the castle of wasteful big government?

If we are going to organize now is the time because in a few short months the Fairness Doctrine is going to be law and all the conservatives are going to disappear from the airwaves and maybe even the Internet. We may end up hiding from our own government to express our true feelings. We have to push for legislation reform and the protection of individual freedom. If you don't think that the next Congress is going to try gag all opposition just take the time to read the Fairness Doctrine. Know that liberal radio has never succeeded like conservative radio, so they must put an end to that voice of the people by forcing 12 hours a day of liberal opinion that the conservatives have to pay for as the opposing opinion. That would force many companies out of business, since no one wants to hear that whinny crap 12 hours a day.

Prepare yourself now for the pain. Get informed on who represents you and if you agree with them. I'll tell you my choice for Congress was easy since the Democrat is a Code Pink kind of guy and proud of it, but that doesn't mean the guy I voted for is necessarily a true conservative. Lucky for me he is, but that may not be the case for a lot of you out there. This election is basically a done deal, but we have to start working Nov. 5th for 2010 and beyond. We need to let those in power know our displeasure of them selling the American Dream to the Lobbyists and that if they don't straighten out their ways they will be unemployed. We need to keep the pressure on them because they will rob us blind when the country isn't looking.

I just had to get that off my chest. This election is over in my mind because regardless of who is President he is still having to deal with the worst Congress in history. Let me hear what you think because I might just be crazy from the heat.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Absentee Ballots In Virginia

Here is another winner for helping protect the troops right to vote. Virginia has a law that certain absentee ballots require a witnesses signature and address. But here is the catch, the ballot doesn't say that the witnesses address is required it just says "if required". So the military member deployed overseas has to know which ballots require the witnesses address and which don't. You would think that it would be an easy thing to add a note to annotate, which states require it when. Instead, we have guys and gals in harms way whose vote will not be counted because of an easy to fix mistake, how typical of the political process.

If you are a absentee voter in Virginia you better check how you voted to make sure that your vote will count. It is a sad state of affairs that in this day and age we can't even make it simple for the people who are out there protecting this county's freedoms to vote. Let Virginia know how you feel. Write their Congressmen and women an email to know how much you think that disenfranchising the military stinks.

Thursday, October 23, 2008


Blogging has been fun and it has let me vent on several issues that have bugged me over that past few months. I still am pissed about the election and I am convinced that it really doesn't matter who wins at this point because the Congress is solidly in the Democrats hands and under the totally incapable leadership of Pelosi and Reid.

The Air Force still bugs we as well, but they are at least trying to get their collective crap in one sock after that last year of crank stepping.

I still believe that the lottery on when the Israelis are going to bomb Iran is up and running. This will not be a good thing for us, but might be Israel only hope. I still have next week on the 29th, but lets hope I am wrong.

I still think we need a Reformer Party that believes in smaller government, term limits, and spending cuts. I know that there is never a lot of support for a new political party, but the ones we have are worth a bucket of warm.... I think we need to throw the career politicians out of Washington and start over, but that doesn't work when you have wackos as the other options.

The oil crisis has been overcome by the financial crisis, which just goes to show that there must have been something funny going on with the oil market and no real crisis at all. That isn't to say that we can stop conserving and looking for alternatives, but it is going to happen. People won't give a crap about that stuff again until gas prices head back to the $4 range. People are creatures of habit and only worry about the current alligator on their @$$ vice planning a way out of the swamp.

The financial crisis just goes to show you that too much and too little government is a bad thing. You need government to protect the little guy, but you don't need the government telling you to do something stupid. That is why we are in the mess we are because the government forced the lenders to sell sub-prime mortgages, but did nothing to protect the little guy. The government could have insured that fraud and illegal accounting practices were not part of the package deal, but regulation is a dirty word in a free market society. But is legal one as well?

I know that I rant a lot and might even change my own mind sometimes. I appreciate everyones comments and try to clarify any statements that might not be right on target or clear as mud. I do appreciate any comments good or bad.

I have enjoyed many of my fellow bloggers and find their points of view very enlightening. I truly appreciate the job "The Augmentee" is doing in Iraq and everyone involve in JCCS-1. I also appreciate all those Navy guys speaking out for us little guys. The submarine force is a tough place to make a living, but it does have its rewards. I know that I have done a lot of cool stuff and seen some places I would never even thought of going, but most importantly I got to work with some of the greatest men this country has to offer. They were thinking men and leaders, which didn't always mean that agreed with the party line, but always did their duty to the best of their ability and I salute them.

I hope you've enjoyed my state of the blog address. I also hope you will keep coming back and I will try to write more, but the election has had me a little down lately and I haven't felt like writing. I welcome your comments and feel free to stick a quarter in me just to see what I'll say next. Can't guarantee that it will be profound or even right.

Have a great Navy day. Sandy

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Heading to the Finish

My fellow American Conservatives,

As the election has worn on and on, I have become less interested because regardless of the outcome nothing is going to really change in Washington. We will have the worst Congress in history headed by either the most liberal Senator or one that won't stand up to them. This country is headed for a train wreck of biblical proportions and the choice we face is no choice at all. We can have a conductor that will speed the train towards this wreck or one that will do nothing at all to slow it. I am frustrated will the whole lot of them and would love to toss them all out and start a new, but I am only allowed to vote once and have done so (maybe with the help of ACORN, I could change that).

I can only sit back and communicate my great displeasure to my Congressman and Senator, but they may or may not listen. They sure aren't going to set the world on fire to solve the current situation, since the Senator voted for the pork loaded bailout. The Congressman, I still hold out hope for since he voted against the bill twice and is for the Fair Tax Plan, but is only one of a few true conservatives left. I am not a Republican or a Democrat, but a true conservative that believes in small government and low taxes. I've hated what the Republicans have done to this country over that last decade, but the Democrats have been no better. We need to drastically cut spending on everything that is not related to the core requirements of the federal government and pay off our national debt.

That being said, I just don't see either candidate accomplishing much in the next four years toward those goals. I am not sure if Congress will ever be able to accomplish those goals because of the current rampant corruption in Washington caused by lobbyists and their money. If enough of us are sick and tired of the current state of affairs, then why would we not band together and do something substantial about it? I'll tell you, it is because it is hard and would take time to understand the issues and elect only those who agree with those issues. The sad part is that most of the time there isn't anyone running that supports the issues we believe in. Even if they say they do they get to Washington and it is business as usual, so we end up no better off (Republicans in 1994).

I have ranted enough and it just makes me sad to know that this once great country is being run by greedy buffoons that are only worried about being re-elected and lining their pockets. We need real people with common sense to step up to the plate and turn this country around. Sadly there just aren't enough of them around. Maybe in four years the true conservatives will find a hero that will lead this country back to greatness, but lets hope it isn't too late.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Mr. President and Taxes

I sadly have to accept that the next President is most likely going to be Sen. Obama. It saddens me that this is the case because he is not what this country needs right now, but is what we are going to get. I just hope that he and the Democrats in congress don't go crazy. This country can not afford the tax and spend policies of the past. We need to move the country forward and that means creating new jobs and paying off the huge amount of debt we are currently racking up at a record pace (about 1 trillion in the last week alone).

I have one suggestion and it won't be real popular with anyone, but it might just help the country out of the mess that it is in. A question was asked during the debate what would either one of them ask the country to sacrifice to fix the mess that we are in. Neither one gave an answer because asking people to sacrifice doesn't win you votes. Here is my plan and it won't win me any friends. We impose a nation sales tax of 1% on everything (think fair tax plan promoted by Huckabee) that would be used solely to payoff the nations debt, period. I know that this is crazy and there currently isn't a mechanism to make this happen, but it is necessary.

We get the smart people together and figure out how to implement it. We also prevent anyone in Congress from tapping into it for any other reason because you know that they will try. You could make all kinds of rules and mess this up, but if done right the American public would put up with it if it meant really paying off our huge debt. It would also open the door to the fair tax policy that would get rid of income tax, which we really need to do because it would end the class warfare in this country. If you buy something then you pay a sales tax, plain and simple. If you buy cheap stuff then you don't pay a lot and if you buy expensive stuff you pay a lot, but regardless the percentage is the same thus fair for everyone. Sen. Obama, you say want a fair tax system and this is it. You can't get any fairer then the same for everyone. This would also close all the loop holes and force companies to pay taxes here and not hide their money abroad.

I ask you, wouldn't you be willing to pay a 1% sales tax to erase our national debt? Let me here what you think because I might be off my rocker with depression over the thought of the next four years with President Obama, Nancy Pelosi, and Harry Reid in charge.