Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Whole Pig

I think that is funny that Obama referenced a pig and lipstick to talk about his opponents, but I would think that McCain/Palin would have thicker skin than be offended. I would think they would pass it off to Obama being desperate to score a hit with the liberals he is pandering to, but by insisting on an apology they appear weak and worried about what Obama has to say. They should make fun of Obama's lame attempt at humor and pity him. They should not give him any more reason to think that it bothers them even a little bit. Sure people are going to be offended by his comments, but let that turn against him on its own. Palin is far from being a pig and does not need to defend herself from this baseless attack. You know that best way to keep guys on the sub from giving you crap is to laugh off the attack or show zero reaction and that is good advice in this case for McCain and Palin.

The fact that Palin has refused to bow down to the press is making them crazy. I think it is wonderful that she hasn't pandered to them to get their approval and she should keep it up. If they want to talk with her, then they need to retract all the lies they spewed about her and her family. Poor journalism is no excuse for what the MSM did to her. They should have spent a little time getting their facts straight before flooding the airwaves with BS. I don't really give a crap if she ever talks to any of them. She is out on the campaign trail talking to the people that are going to elect her and that is what is truly important. The average republican voter knows that the MSM has nothing good to say about their candidates, so it really isn't hurting McCain/Palin not to pander to the MSM.

If you think that I am off base let me hear it.

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