Monday, September 29, 2008

My Vote

Here I sit with my ballot in one hand and my trusty pen in the other. My choice is clear and I make it without fear. I know that I am doing the right thing, but I still can't help thinking that it won't really make much of a difference. It is sad that after two years of speeches and money raising that the sad truth is that this election will not bring about the needed fundamental change that is needed in Washington.

We can choose a career politicians from either party and the associated cronies to send back to Washington, but what does this get us? I say it gets us more of the same poor service that we have had for decades. We the people have been duped into believing that the two party system works for us and that our government is the best, but that just isn't true. What is true is that we have the best government that money can buy, but not the best government. We have people that are solely looking out for themselves and their buddies. They don't care about the people they represent because to them we are the unwashed masses of stupid voters.

I think if we have a third party to prevent the career politicians from running amok with our tax dollars things would be very different. This third party would be a party of the people with their best interests in mind. This party would be a true fiscal conservative party, a party of small limited government, a party for strong defense, a party of term limits, and an anti-lobbyists party. They would sign a contract that would hold them to a term limit, no earmarks, no lobbyists money, and minimizing the federal government.

You say that the Republican Party is that party, but I say no. They lost those ideals a long time ago as seen by the corruption charges leveled against many of them and the fact that they to spend their lives living in the swamp. If America wants to turn back the clock on corruption and greed, we need to force the career politicians and the influence peddlers out of Washington.

So here I sit with pen in one hand and my ballot in the other, sigh...


  1. • Remember!
    • On Election Day
    • Make Sure You Vote,
    • BUT...
    • Reelect Nobody!
    • It's the ONLY way to get
    • (especially in Congress!)

  2. Nelson,
    I fundamental agree that we need to remove career politicians, but removing ones sympathic to the cause maybe worse. I think that we need to work on gaining members for the new party. I've asked Gov. Huckabee to start the grassroots movement, but he might be too tied in with the Republican party to want to go along with a Reformer party. If this crisis in the finacial markets continues then maybe we can get a real ground swell to clean up Washington. Nelson, I like you thinking on Real Change, but look before you leap because the other guy may be far worse, such as a Code Pink nut.